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20 Best Christmas Appetizers


Best Christmas Appetizers: Here are our top 20 Christmas-themed appetizer recipes! If you’re looking for simple dishes for a Christmas celebration or an easy snack to enjoy on Christmas Day, look no further!

From trimming your tree to wrapping presents and helping Santa stuff his stockings with gifts and bathing your home in the most lights your tiny outdoor outlet can bear It’s (somehow) had to have food! It’s Christmas celebration season!

This means that you don’t only need to eat for yourself. Chances are you’ll need to set some food on the table for others as well.

A jar of hummus from the grocery store will not be enough for a festive Christmas gathering. It’s not going to happen.

Christmas food items should be as stunning as the reflection of vintage sparklers in the tinsel at the top of your Christmas tree! Put some Andy Williams on the turntable and take a few minutes–and we’re going to promise it’ll be a bit–time at the table.

We’ve put together our best 20 Christmas appetizer recipes to share with you for your holiday snacking and eating pleasure.

So whether you’re in search of easy dishes for your Christmas celebration or just the best Christmas-themed food to serve your closest and dearest ones during Christmas Day, you’re sure to find what you’re searching for in this article.

And P.S. If one of these recipes is a fantastic recipe to make ahead We’ve noted it, in order to make things easier. Without further delay, we present our most loved festive appetizer recipes.

Christmas Appetizers: Finger Foods Edition

Best Christmas Appetizers


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KFC Nashville Hot Chicken

It’s only every year and yet, as if by magic the day before Christmas, you’re left with the age-old question: What are some great finger food options to eat on Christmas Day? So, stop here dear readers! We’ve got four killer Christmas finger food recipes right here! They also go well with almost any drink you could serve.

Bacon-Wrapped Scallops. Bacon-wrapped scallops are in the same league as shrimp cocktails as the ultimate holiday party reminiscence! Grandma was a pro-two about the food to serve with sugar cookies and highballs. These delicious, indulgence-worthy bites are never going out of fashion.

Bacon-Wrapped Scallops. Bacon-wrapped scallops are in the same league as shrimp cocktails as the ultimate holiday party reminiscence! Grandma was a pro-two about the food to serve with sugar cookies and highballs. These delicious, indulgence-worthy bites are never going out of fashion.

Jalapeno Poppers. Certain foods disappear almost immediately after they are put out. These bacon-studded, cheesy jalapeno poppers are firmly in this category.

Pecan-Stuffed Mushrooms. The classic vegetarian meal is simple to prepare for large groups, but it can be prepared up to a full day ahead of time, which gives ample time to make playlists and cocktails.

Dips! Quite Possibly the Ultimate Christmas Party Appetizer

Best Christmas Appetizers

What’s the best food to serve at a Christmas celebration? We’d prefer to not pick just one item. However, if we were forced to choose one category of the top Christmas food items for a party, we’d choose dips.

They’re sweet and snacky and can be surprising filling–which is particularly important for holiday parties. Many of these are vegan and gluten-free, meaning they are suitable for people with diverse dietary needs.

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You may also make them ahead of time, and even hot dips are often described as “make-ahead” because the preparation of the recipe happens prior to placing them in the oven. There’s no need to make last-minute adjustments.

Caramelized Onion Dip. Grab the Ruffles and savor this deliciously creamy recipe. This is a fantastic one to make at the very least one day in advance! It will get better as it is Sat.

Queso Fundido. Have you ever experienced the delight of sinking a crisp tortilla into a melting pot of cheese dip that is filled with chorizo that is spicy? Do you want to?

Spinach-Artichoke Dip. The only and only! This dip recipe that we can make all year round, but since it’s hot and delicious and delicious, it’s popular during the winter seasons.

Perfect Guacamole. You might not think of guacamole in terms of an appetizer during the Christmas season, but everyone enjoys it. That’s for sure. When Christmas comes around, it’s an unwelcome surprise, and it will be gone quickly.

Nothing Says Merry Christmas Like A Whole Bunch of Cheese

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It’s at least how we think about it. Who doesn’t love cheese!? If there’s ever an excuse to indulge then it’s Christmas.

Baked Brie. We challenge you to gaze at this image of golden-brown crust-covered gooey melty baked Brie and not immediately rush to the grocery store to purchase all the ingredients needed necessary to prepare it. We double dare you.

Cheddar & Onion Cheese Ball. Oh yes, the traditional Cheese Ball for Christmas. It’s Christmas until someone has made a cheeseball. Maybe perhaps, this year, that person will be you!

Perfect Cheese Board. Our favorite idea for the Christmas Eve celebration is a scrumptious cheese platter complete with extras. It’s a great idea to come up with a reason to take a few minutes and money at the local cheese shop. Christmas food is also guaranteed isn’t getting any simpler to make.

Make sure you pull Apart Cheese Bread. This is an easy appetizer recipe. It’s not expensive however it’s instant popularity. It’s melty cheese spread on bread! Of course, everyone loves it!

White Cheddar Cheddar Dip. There’s something quite Apres Skiabout this fondue-like, cheesy dip, and we’re awestruck to eat it at the time of Christmas. Candles glowing, a roaring flame, and this rich dip and it’s easy to think of ourselves in the land of hygge, tomten, and hygge!

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Our Favorite Shrimp Appetizers, Because Christmas Is the Time to Get a Little Fancy.

In several different cultures, Christmas Eve is observed as a day of fasting and as such, there is a tradition to eat fish during Christmas Eve. The most well-known may be the delectable Italian custom associated with eating the Feast of the Seven Fishes.

This is a lengthy way to say it’s an absolute essential! It’s an occasion to celebrate, observe and make everyone feel a bit more luxurious. These are our top shrimp appetizers:

Shrimp Cocktail. Turn it up to Frank & Dean’s Christmas song to make this or make a nice dry martini to accompany the drink! A classic shrimp cocktail can’t be made, and our homemade recipes for shrimp cocktails are the finest. Plus! It’s served cold and the shrimp requires a lot enough time for chilling,. So this recipe doesn’t have to be just fine to make ahead of time however, it needs to be prepared in advance. Yay!

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Creme Cheese Shrimp Dip. Is it a cheese-based appetizer? A shrimp appetizer? A DIP? This recipe is all the same! This recipe for a retro-inspired appetizer is extremely simple, and absolutely delicious. This retro recipe is ready to be revived!

Baked Coconut Shrimp. Bring a festive flavor to your party by adding the warm Mele Kalikimaka feel and serving these crisp delicious coconut shrimp.

Hearty Holiday Appetizers That Are Not Messing Around

These hearty dishes are the type of tasty and filling finger food that you’d like to service for your party. These are the kinds of foods that guests can consume even without offering the proper sit-down dinner as they’ll suck up the festive cocktail the guests have been pouring.

Swedish Meatballs. They are gently cooked and seasoned with spices, and drenched with a creamy and delicious sauce Swedish meatballs always are popular.

Beef Empanadas. These hearty pouches of goodness are slipping towards “meal” territory, however, they’re still considered (we believe) as an appetizer that is heavy. Particularly for parties lasting for hours that don’t have food.

Tomato and Avocado Bruschetta. It’s not exactly in season, but some freshness and brightness is always a good thing during the holiday season and this bruschetta serves as an incredible reminder of summer. Everyone needs some (occasional) respite from the usual butter-based foods for the holidays, don’t you think? Plus, the hues of the green and red of this dish will make your table look more attractive!

Grilled Scallops. Grilling is the best method of cooking scallops! A quick, high heat is the ideal choice for a dish that you’ll want to be sure not to overcook, and a gentle, fast touch of smoke and char makes these stunning shellfish come to life.

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People Also Ask Best Christmas Appetizers

What is a traditional Christmas dinner menu?

The traditional Christmas meal is quite similar to Thanksgiving. It includes Turkey stuffing, roast turkey gravy, mashed potatoes, dinner rolls, green beans along with cranberry sauce and other desserts like pumpkin or apple. Other popular non-traditional main dishes include roast beef, ham or lasagna.

How many appetizers do I need for a Christmas party?

If the appetizers are the primary food at the Christmas Party you’ll need to prepare around 10-15 pieces for each guest for a two-hour event. In addition, you should serve 5 pieces per person for each hour that follows. If you’re hosting less than 10 guests, offer 3-4 different kinds of appetizers.

What should I serve before Christmas dinner

Starters. Terrine, pate, or parfait are great for making ahead starters. Get them out of the fridge before serving. Place them on a platter to serve with toasts, or to make it even easier crackers or oatcakes. Our homemade fig chutney recipe is also a delicious and sticky condiment.

What are 3 types of appetizers?

Appetizers are classified into three groups: drinks, canapes and appetizers.

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