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Boneworks How to Cheat: In a step-by-step guide, you can edit the save file. You can perform tasks like unlock arena, and unblock sandbox, and you’ll have tons of ammunition.

Save Editing Guide

Boneworks How to Cheat

So I found out how to modify your saved files. This post will be brief and straightforward. To help you find your way or require assistance, contact me.

To begin, you must navigate to the AppData folder (in Windows, search for %appdata and then return to the folder)

Then, click on local, low the stress level to zero and BONEWORKS. This is the majority, but not all, of the information the game stores.

The primary file you need to locate is the bw1_pInfo_00. This is the player’s save file. MAKE A BACKUP! I haven’t tried everything that can happen if you mess with these settings. So even if you have backups, you shouldn’t mess up with settings if you aren’t sure what could occur.

This is a great resource and has a patron for those who would like to assist him.

Click Here For Official Website:

You can upload the .dat files and modify them. It’s not possible to add items, and therefore there’s stuff that you cannot alter.

Once you’ve completed your edits, make sure you download the file back where you got it, you’re now ready to go.

Other files contained in it save various values. If you want unlimited ammo, use the additional_resources1 file and change the amount of light, medium, and heavy. Idk what heavy is, but it’s not breaking my game-altering it so that you can go for it. Lol

This is it. Enjoy playing around with your saves, and if you make a mistake, I don’t believe it’s my fault!

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How do I get the Boneworks utility gun?

Summary. Utility Gun Utility Gun is a unique weapon in the Sandbox that could be utilized to create and take away various NPCs, weapons, and props. What is spawned may be chosen from the menu radial. It is unlocked to use in any narrative mode by buying it for 22100 ammo and returning it to Time Tower.

How do you get the first sandbox in Boneworks?

Sandbox is accessible only when its module is connected to the main Menu. It is accessible in the Reclamation Bin located in the Museum. After you have reclaimed it and completed the game, it will show up in the form of a Bonebox. It can be then connected to a socket on the left wall to open it as a way to play.

Where is the Katana in boneworks?

It can be obtained at the lower levels of the Time Tower from a bone works box situated at the top of the ceiling to the right side when they’re standing on the lift and looking at the system’s clock.

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