Bridge Cafe Menu Prices In Singapore – Latest Menu 2022

Bridge Cafe Menu Prices In Singapore


Bridge Cafe Menu: BRIDGE is a café by day, and a restaurant at night and serves a delicious brunch menu to the hungry crowd on weekends.

A decent café is now open in the part of Bugis in the more tranquil area where the shops are in a somber midst of shops and wait for the others to come across them.

Look & Feel

BRIDGE has a great significance – it’s an area that bridges relationships and people who are good friends get together. As a result of what it represents the atmosphere is relaxed and inviting, which makes it an ideal location to host gatherings.

While it’s adapted some elements of the current industrial style, it is hard to say that the interior is authentic to its own and attractive to the eyes too.

While they have a focus on style, they also made sure that they did not compromise on the quality of their furniture with their carefully selected choice of furniture.

Bridge Cafe Menu Prices In Singapore - Latest Menu 2021

I am a fan of the intricate details of the cafe, including the tiny statues that decorate the walls and tables and the gorgeous lampshade that grace the ceiling.

Food & Drinks

We decided to give the eggs Florentine to try as it’s the most popular café dish in Singapore. It was a BRIDGE variation because they used Champagne in their Hollandaise sauce, giving the dish a pleasant scent flavor.

The eggs were slightly more watery than what I prefer however, the overall taste was quite pleasing. The salmon slices were a bit salty, however, this, to a certain extent is subjective. I’m sure some would be happy with this.

It’s the Big Breakfast. Big Breakfast is also a popular brunch option and I would be happy to congratulate them on the bratwurst they served since it’s possibly one of the most flavorful bratwursts you can find.

The food that was served was tasty although eggs could be much better when there was more water than the eggs.

The most popular item for the crowd has to include The French Toast, which won our attention with the delicious and crisp toast drizzled with truffle honey. You heard that right, you can now get truffles in honey as well however only at the BRIDGE.

The truffle scent was intense in the first sip I was happy to report that it wasn’t overwhelming. The balance of taste was just right.

Also, there is an option of Beef Parmentier, which was highly recommended by the cafe’s owner. You may be surprised to find real truffle pieces on the table since the majority of us have only encountered truffle-infused food. The potato mashed is soft and melts into the mouth quickly, however, the corned beef wasn’t too remarkable.

BRIDGE dishes are credited to their Austrian Executive Chef, Daniel Grobnik. After a formal education in fine dining restaurants and spending six years at BRIDGE in Singapore, Daniel has an excellent understanding of Singapore’s palette and makes rich European cuisine with a sophisticated dining experience at BRIDGE.

The emphasis is on the quality of ingredients that the cafe uses, it uses farms to source its ingredients across the globe.

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In a Nutshell

The Bridge is certainly a great option for those looking for a new location to visit. It’s located in an area that is convenient and is not overly crowded which makes it ideal for a relaxing weekend dinner.

The majority of their menu food items are affordable for their quality. We suggest that you try the French Toast as a must-try. 

The cafe is currently in its soft launch phase and will be waiting to welcome everyone with a fresh menu for January.

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Q. Does The Bridge Cafe offer takeaway?

Ans. Absolutely, The Bridge Cafe offers takeaway delivery services.

Q. Is The Bridge Cafe implementing safety measures as a result of COVID-19?

Ans. It is true that The Bridge Cafe is taking steps to protect itself from COVID-19. A complete list is included in this page’s “safety security precautions” section on this page.

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