Jewel Cafe and Bar Review

Jewel Cafe and Bar Review


Cafe and Bar Review: ewel Cafe and Bar have been among the most memorable experiences within Farrer Park, apart from L’etoile Cafe. It’s got a distinct appeal offering a wide menu of well-crafted food.

This is a great place to go for those who are looking for hidden cafes with a gorgeous interior. For the best part, you can have a great cup of coffee and delicious desserts in a cozy location.

Look& Feel

Personally, I am a fan of the design that is Jewel Cafe. It has a hint of an industrial style, however not in a way that is uncomfortable and unclean. It is, after all, designed to show the status of a jewel.

The beautiful shophouse is an additional story that has comfy sofas.

To match the brand’s image The light bulbs were selected with care. The jaws of our eyes dropped when we heard the cost of each.

Food & Drinks

Jewel Cafe and Bar Review

When we placed an order for a cold Drip at night and we knew that we would have an insomniac night.

It had a wonderful sweetness from the milk, and it was finished with a mild bitterness. This is a perfect drink to drink on a hot summer day.

The meal began with a French onion soup. It was served with a crust made of three kinds of cheese: Swiss cheese, Parmesan, and Emmental.

This was delicious in the beef soup that was stuffed with plenty of crudités. The only issue we had is that onions appeared to get lost amid the croutons.

Another meal we enjoyed to start our meal was The Red Mullet salad. The perfectly grill-grilled fish that was soft and warm, was served perfectly with the crisp and fresh greens.

The dressing for the salad was tart and sweet, creating an appealing and light finishing touch to the meal. We enjoyed the flavor combination.

I admire Jewel’s creativity to create a unique dish for the table. It was a Fish tac with sour cream mayonnaise as an excellent choice.

Nuggets of golden crisp-cooked fish covered in toasty corn shells exploded into the mouth with a crunch and wonderful spice flavors.

The sauce softened the dish and balanced the flavors perfectly. It left a long impression on our taste buds.

The Singaporean in us simply cannot resist this chili crab pasta. We could smell the aroma of exotic spices and be eager to start.

I am a big lover of chili crab. My first step was to take a large bite of the sliced bun that was dipped into this spicy condiment.

It is important to note that this isn’t the typical chili crab sauce you find in seafood establishments and is actually an innovative creation of the proprietor, and also a huge lover of crabs.

The version we tried had a more sour flavor to it and the spice hit the tongue while we enjoyed the taste. This is a must for those who dare to be adventurous.

The table’s carnivores were celebrating as the OMG! A burger was served. The burger that is the signature dish of Jewel Cafe had won the feed of many foodstagramers due to its huge appearance and the rich utilization of food ingredients.

Imagine bacon or luncheon meat, a hand-made beef patty, and a gorgeous sunny-side-up egg for the main ingredient.

This is a perfect choice for anyone who’s been lacking delicious meat for a while and, more so the flavor was more normal. The patty could be improved by being more moist and seasoned.

The fries were, however, among the most delicious we came across in all of our meals. They were crispy on the outside, but soft inside.

They maintained this consistency even after sitting at our table for about an hour. The fries served on this plate beat all others to the test.

We were thrilled at our arrival at this Homemade Apple Crumble. We were shocked by its portion but decided to eat it regardless. The distinctive feature of this dish is the way it is presented. Official site

Instead of making it into the traditional pie shape, The crumble is buried beneath the caramelized apples.

The best part about this is that it comes with an abundance of crumble that you can mix alongside apple slices, and this is vital for creating that perfect consistency.

Also, that delicious, creamy ice cream that was carefully selected after a thorough blind tasting process, you know which gave it the perfect finish.

Overall, it was a balanced dish that was not overly sweet. It’s a must-try when you’re thinking of an end-of-day dessert option. your dinner.

Even though we were full of delicious food, however, we couldn’t resist a tempting Chocolate Brownie.

I was hoping that we’d be able to squeeze in just one bite of this however, the brownie that resembled fudge with the rich and creamy vanilla Ice Cream was so delicious that we ate spoon after spoon. This is why it’s an actual fact that there is a separate area for desserts. It definitely was worth the calories.

In a Nutshell

We had a great evening at Jewel and were overstuffed! Our stomachs would have been better with a fraction of the amount we consumed, considering that each restaurant served an ample portion.

With a wide menu of food, it is likely to be some good and bad choices and we are glad to try some of the finest options in this place.

Additionally, the beautiful interior created a perfect setting to enjoy a delicious meal or perhaps a peaceful coffee break during a working day.

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Jewel Cafe and Bar Review FAQ

Q. Is Jewel Cafe + Bar now closed?

Ans. Jewel Cafe + Bar is closed

Q. How is Jewel Cafe + Bar rated?

Ans. Jewel Cafe + Bar has 3.5 stars.

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