Cafes In Kampong Glam

Cafes In Kampong Glam


Cafes In Kampong Glam: Haji Lane was a hipster street that featured indie shops and dark alleys. At night, it was filled with a fruity smell. The newness slowly wore off, and Haji Lane began to lose its appeal.

However, the hype began to build again in the last 6 months. The new cafes popping up in the area are also known as Kampongglam. There is one cafe on almost every street.

Cafes In Kampong Glam

Kampong Glam was once known as the Malay Quarter. It still retains its unique cultural richness. Its past glory has been brought back to life by the efforts of shophouse restoration.

This area has seen a lot of new cafes, including the popular I am… and La Marelle. The recently added Shop Wonderland makes it a great place to visit for cafe-hoppers. You may not have known that the area has 17 cafes.

We searched the streets under the scorching sun to find the best cafes in Haji Lane, and here they are. This is the first part of our Ultimate Guide to Cafes Singapore. Official

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Q. Why is Kampong Glam attractive?

Ans. Once an ethnic enclave for the Muslim community, including Arab and Bugis traders, Kampong Glam is a hip neighborhood peppered with hole-in-the-wall boutiques along Haji Lane, quaint restaurants, and bars on Arab Street, and charming cultural spots.

Q. Who owns Kampong Glam Cafe?

Ans. The dish first appeared as a special on the cafe’s pre-launch menu, but was so popular that the owners decided to keep it permanently, says co-owner Calvin Seah, who also runs the two-year-old cafe (working title) on Arab Street with his business partner.

Q. What is unique about Kampong Glam?

Ans. As the Muslim center of Singapore, Kampong Glam is home to the city’s biggest mosque, the Masjid Sultan (or Sultan Mosque) – its huge golden dome and four minarets cannot be easily missed. … The area is also home to the Malay Heritage Center, its nine galleries showcasing the history and culture of Singapore Malays.

Q. What was Kampong Gelam earlier known as?

Ans. Kampong Glam (originally spelled “Campong Gelam” when it was named around 1830) is one of 10 subzones of the Rochor area located in the central region. The estate covers 56 ac of land located to the east of the 19th-century European town in Singapore, between the Rochor River and the sea.

Q. When was Kampong Glam built?

Ans. The original Istana Kampong Glam was built by Sultan Hussein Shah of Johor in 1819 on the land of about 23 hectares (57 acres) in Kampong Glam that had been given to him by the British East India Company. It is believed to have been a wooden structure in the area to the east of Beach Road.

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