Church’s Chicken Releases Two New $3 Snacks

Church’s Chicken Releases


Church’s Chicken Releases: Church’s Chicken has introduced its new Handheld Chicken Pot Pie. This promotion is only available at a few locations in the United States.

The fast-food restaurant known worldwide for its delicious fried chicken will offer it to customers for a limited time.

Church’s Chicken Handheld Chicken Pot Pie consists of all-white chicken and mixed veggies. It is encased in a rich, creamy, whitish-based sauce and then fried to golden brown in a pie crust.

This delicious treat can be purchased at Church’s Chicken for just $3.00. Prices may vary depending on where you live.

Church’s Chicken Releases


Church’s Chicken

Church’s Chicken Releases

Church’s Chicken isn’t stopping there. The fast-food chain also offers its Buttermilk Ranch Megabytes. These Megabites are available for $3.

These Megabytes are made with the chain’s all-white-meat chicken. They are rolled in a zesty herb ranch-seasoned batter and then fried to a golden color. The Buttermilk Ranch Megabytes can then be served with ranch.

Customers can also buy the Buttermilk Ranch Megabytes as a meal for $5, or 20 Megabytes for $10.00.

Customers can order Church’s Chicken online at their website.

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Church’s Chicken Releases FAQs

Why is Church’s chicken closing?

FOX 25 received a statement from Church’s Chicken. These franchisees operate the locations that have been closed. As shocked as our guests were the restaurant’s staff, we were also shocked that the state sales tax had not been paid.

Who bought Churchs chicken?

High Bluff Capital Partners
In 2021, the chicken chain anticipates that there will be 100 new openings. After achieving nearly $1.2 billion systemwide in sales in 2020, the 69-year old company is poised for positive growth in 2019. Quiznos parent High Bluff Capital Partners has announced Monday that it will purchase Church’s Chicken from FFL Partners.

Why is Church’s chicken so expensive?

Because most Church’s Chicken items are family-style meals , their prices are higher than average fast-food restaurants. Many of the dishes on the menu consist of chicken legs or chicken thighs.

How much does it cost to open a Church’s chicken?

Church’s Chicken offers a franchisee for $15,000 with a $20,000. development fee Depending on the size of the restaurant, the initial investment can range from $191,300 up to $1,101,000. Franchisees pay 5% of gross sales to royalties and an additional 5% for advertising.

Does Church’s chicken have fish 2022?

For a limited time, four new seafood options will be available to Church’s Chicken’s hand-battered and double-breaded fried chicken starting Monday. Guests are invited “Pick Your Platter”, which will feature three new Seafood Platter options, including Shrimp ‘n Tenders, Butterfly Shrimp, and Crispy Fish.

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