Costa Coffee Menu Prices In Singapore – latest Menu 2022

Costa Coffee Menu Prices In Singapore


Costa Coffee Menu: Costa Coffee originates from the UK and is a major coffee chain in the UK. I rarely feature large coffee chains as they tend to be common and routine inside, which makes it more boring than independent cafes.

Then again, Costa Coffee gave me the freshest perspective of the level of care coffee chains in their interiors and also.

I love this cafe because of its genuine coffee and the warm smiley staff.

It is situated in the most visible part that is visible from Raffles City, which used to be the area used by Lena. It has provided a total transformation to the space, and I was pleasantly surprised by the changes.

The furniture is with a palette of shades of grey, red, and lime green. The combination is attractive and pleasing to the eye.

Food & Drinks

At this point, I’ve had a taste of all the coffee coolers. They are Vanilla, Caramel, and Hazelnut flavored.

In general, it’s really lovely and fragrant and strong, yet simple to drink.

Vanilla Cooler offers a subtle aroma of vanilla, as well as the sweetness, is less.

Caramel Cooliris is perfect for those who love sweets like mine, but it’s not as sweet as frappes that are served in other places. The caramel flavor and the coffee flavor works well together.

Costa Coffee Menu Prices In Singapore - latest Menu 2021

Hazelnut Cooler for Coffee is extremely impressive. The hazelnut flavor doesn’t interfere with the coffee scent as well as the sugar is perfect.

On all the occasions that I have tried the cooler for coffee, there was only one time that the coffee was not right and tasted too bland.

The first time I had the hot Caramel Latte. It’s nice and sweet and I didn’t have added sugar. I find it to be much better than the majority of lattes on the market.

I also tried it with an Espresso Hazelnut Muffin. The name is more appealing than the taste. There’s no taste of coffee, even though I tried to discern. 

The hazelnut was very crisp and the muffin soft. Overall, it’s not that bad, however, I’d recommend going to skip this choice the next time I’m in the market for something!

I purchased the Oreo Cheesecake and the combination of sweetness and sourness is perfect. It’s not too gummy and it’s not too spongy too. 

The flavor of oreo isn’t particularly intense and it was lacking a layer of crisp cookie crumbs to add texture.

The top and bottom layers are made from powdery oreo, which does not add any flavor to the cake. I’m awestruck by the flavor mix that is good however, it’s overall an uninteresting cake.

In a Nutshell

Costa Coffee is now the café I go to the most often because I’m constantly searching for places with free electricity and WiFi which is the ideal spot to work from.

my job. Its stylish and comfortable interior has me with no reason to look elsewhere for coffee anymore.

The excellent coffee that is served in massive portions here makes me feel guilty about making a big purchase, yet it’s drawing me back each time. You’re missing out when you don’t pay Costa Coffee a visit!

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Costa Coffee Menu Prices FAQ

Q. How much is in a medium Costa?

Ans. COSTA has changed the sizes of its cups so that customers ordering the same coffee can get up to one-third less. The old “small” cup, 12 fluid ounces (fl OZ) and is now named “medium”, the old “medium”, 16 fl 8 oz, has been changed to “large” and the old large, 20 fl. oz is “extra large”.

Q. How much is a mango and passionfruit cooler from Costa?

Ans. The public is outraged by the discovery of the process by which Costa’s PS4 Mango and Passion Fruit cooler is made.

Q. How do I get 50% off Costa?

Ans. scan the app and show the Costa Coffee Club Card at the time of the purchase. The discount is then applied to the eligible purchase. This offer is only able to be used one time per eligible customer. The 50% discount promotion can only be used in-store and cannot be used for delivery services, the Click & Collect, or Order at Table services.

Q. How can I get a free coffee from Costa?

Ans. If you’re eligible, the drink voucher for free will appear automatically in the rewards section of the Costa Club app. Then, you can get your drink free at the nearest Costa Coffee store or on the internet using the click and collect.

Q. How much is a Costa Mango cooler?

Ans. he drink is a component of their summer drinks menu. It is available at different costs across the UK however prices start at about PS2.95. In London however, it can cost as high as PS4 and could set customers back more than that at certain locations which sell the drink.

Q. What is in a Costa red berry cooler?

Ans. It is made with fresh fruit juice to make it convenient and Ice cubes to give the perfect slushy texture to keep you cool during the day. It is a mix of blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries.

Q. What does Primo mean in Costa?

Ans. Costa Coffee labels its sizes as ‘primo’, ‘media assimo’, and ‘primo’ meaning small medium, large and small.

Q. Is Costa or Starbucks better?

Ans. Starbucks is stand to be the top coffee chain among the two chains of coffee. … They offer a range of coffees, specifically with regard to Frappuccino’s, and its taste is superior to the taste of Costa Coffee.

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