Dimbulah Coffee Menu Prices In Singapore – Latest Menu 2022

Dimbulah Coffee Menu Prices In Singapore


Dimbulah Coffee Menu: originated from Australia and is the owner of their coffee plantation as well as a roastery in the country. They’ve gotten into our CBD area, with up to five outlets, offering coffee addicts their daily dose.

In the last few months, they’ve opened a new open-dining concept at Chijmes that recently went through revamping and is making preparations for a new launch.

In addition to the many coffee shops in Raffles City and Raffles, we have a new partner within the vicinity. Dimbulah offers a wide menu that is priced at a reasonable price due to its central position.

Dimbulah Coffee Menu Prices In Singapore - Latest Menu 2021


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Look & Feel

Dimbulah at Chijmes has brought the bistro-style look to their interior and has a great combination of wood and metal.

Utilizing neutral tones and more intense colors has resulted in an extremely modern-looking space perfect for casual dining, as well as gatherings for evening drinks.

Despite the efforts to use cooling systems and fan systems, the heat is impossible to beat. There is a cooling effect in certain areas, but overall the interior can be quite hot, particularly at dawn.

The interior is modern and sleek and fits perfectly into the urban environment.

What’s better than a few hours of quiet time with the laptop and a cup of coffee?

Food & Drinks

I’ve heard of their coffee, but even though I wanted to have an experience of the real Dimbulah coffee, with a hot brew I gave in to the scorching heat and opted to the cafe for an Iced Latte.

It was true that I knew the flavor would be different since iced coffees tend to be more bitter and acidic. I’m unable to make an honest assessment of how good the coffee is. But, I have to admit that the caffeine kick was very intense.

I ordered breakfast, which was Eggs Benedict which was quite affordable for the amount. But, the eggs cracked after being served, while the cake was somewhat stiff. Overall, nothing to praise.

My sugar craving led me to Chocolate Lamington, the sponge cake that was coated in chocolate and topped with coconut pieces. It was refreshing upon the first bite and was unique, as I’ve not had anything similar to this before.

The chocolate had melted nicely into the moist and sweet cake and the coconut pieces made a more powdery texture to the cake.

In a Nutshell

I enjoyed Dimbulah Coffee for its ambiance, which was cozy, and the cost-effectiveness and still provided the amenities needed, including free WiFi power for laptops, and good service. I think they should have cooling to attract customers during the daytime.

The images were captured using Samsung GALAXY Camera 2 /

Samsung was gracious enough to let us test their Samsung GALAXY Camera 2 when it first came out and we were eager to see it in action in a cafe. The photos came out crisp and clear as well as its Android user interface makes it easy to change the settings around.

One of the best features was the ability to directly upload photos onto computers and Instagram by using a wifi connection.

It eased our burden by a significant amount! We were also impressed by the 21x zoom, which was not a joke There were also many fun options like Animated picture that allows the display of a moving object as other parts of the image remains in place as well as Beauty Face which gives vain selfies that smooth eyes and smooth skin.

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