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Escape The Ayuwoki


Escape The Ayuwoki: Have you had trouble escaping Michael Jackson? Here’s a quick guide to the gameplay and how to start an event.

Guide for New Players


  1. There are five puzzle rooms that include the kitchen (needed to make the ritual item).
  2. There are two Keys: the Crow key and the Cobra key.
  3. There is one item in the ritual (needed to finish the ritual and to eliminate the obstruction of from entering the entrance).
  4. The map and other items are randomly generated and changed each time a match is played.

The Keys

Escape the Ayuwoki

The only thing you have to do is locate and solve the puzzles with keys.

Find and complete every puzzle. In the safe, the puzzle, there is a clue about the key’s location. For instance, you can complete this music game.

Inside the safe is a photograph of a book and a TV Keys are found in the TV room as well as the Library. It is randomized every game which means that keys are placed in various places.

The Ritual Item

This statue located in the entrance hall/atrium has a missing stone arm. The arm is in the Kitchen. To find the arm, you’ll need to locate a meat leg.

It’s a meat leg that appears randomly on your map. If you spot it, bring it to the Kitchen and hang it alongside the other meat leg Then you will see the Stone Arm will drop. You can pick it up.

Use your Stone Arm to the atrium/entrance room where the statue is located and hold your left click until you can place it upon the sculpture. The ritual item will be displayed in front of the statue in the form of a stone hand.

Place the object in the space that is empty on the outside of the circle (directly to the left of that statue). This completes the ritual and takes away the obstruction from the main entrance.


Escape the Ayuwoki

Place both keys inside the door, and then escape.

Note that it doesn’t matter whether you complete the Ritual first or you use the keys.

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Beginning a match:

  • If you’d like to join a co-op online on your own, you can click “Find a match”.
  • If you’d like to collaborate with your friends, you can either create an account in a private setting and have everyone sign in that will allow them to be part of your lobby. Alternately, you can select “find a match” and invite your friends to join the lobby using the code provided by the lobby that is public.
  • The person who performs the Ayuwoki is picked randomly.

Special skill / ability / perk:

If you click on “edit character” at the bottom, you will be able to select the “special Skill”. Look through the list until you discover one you like, and then save any changes. Skills that are passive happen automatically. To activate abilities, press E on the keyboard.


Find 2 keys by solving puzzles. Find the meat leg put it on the wall in kitchen and find the stone hand. Place a stone hand on the statue in the main hall to obtain the item of ritual. Place the item in the circle of ritual to eliminate the entity that is from the doorway. Make use of keys on the door.

To get a better understanding guide to solving puzzles, take a look at JamOnToazt’s suggestions about how you can play.

People Also Ask Escape The Ayuwoki

Can the Ayuwoki hear you?

Get ready for a frightening thrilling, surreal and bloody journey with “Escape the Ayuwoki”. Get out as fast as you can and fight to survive this thrilling horror adventure where the Ayuwoki will be able to hear you via your microphone.

Is Escape the Ayuwoki 2 player?

Escape the Ayuwoki: Horror Night on Steam. Horror Night is an Online Multiplayer Coop Asymmetric Third/First Person terror adventure. You’ll have to get rid of the monster in the context of a game that is procedurally created through solving puzzles and finding objects, along with your friends.

How many chapters are in Escape the Ayuwoki?

With four brand-new complete chapters You play as Alexa who is another survivor of the rituals enacted by the cult. You must escape from new enemies and confront different situations in your quest to get out of this nightmare.

How do you use the mic in Escape the Ayuwoki?

On Windows go to the control panel the sound and hardware. Then go into recording and select the device you wish to use as your default microphone. Review the settings. Make sure your microphone is turned on.

How do you get the good ending in escape the Ayuwoki?

The original post was made by Romandeco1000. It could be difficult to spot them, but take the steps. After that, you’ll be in the second chapter. Enter the door, and it will be opened and give you a good or bad ending, based on the number of times you’ve lost your life.

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