$3 Famous Bowl Promotion Returns to KFC with New Spicy Bowl

$3 Famous Bowl Promotion Returns to KFC


Famous Bowl Promotion Returns to KFC: KFC will be stepping out on the red carpet for the return of the Famous Bowl special, which costs only $3. This is a significant discount from the original $5 price.

KFC will also offer a Spicy Famous Bowl. KFC will offer the Famous Bowl deal for a limited period of time. Customers are sharing their appreciation on Twitter.

One customer said that KFC offers the Famous Bowl for $3 and that it is available in spicy. I know what I’m ordering for dinner. Another tweeted: “My new year’s resolution”

KFC Famous Bowl Specials are available in two flavors: original and spicy. This is for those who like a little more kick.

The original Famous Bowl includes a portion each of creamy mashed potatoes, sweet corn, and chunks of crispy chicken from KFC. It also comes with homemade gravy and cheese on top.

The Spicy Famous Bowl contains the same ingredients but instead of crispy chicken, it has Nashville hot sauce.


Returns to KFC

Famous Bowl Promotion Returns to KFC

Famous Bowl Promotion Returns to KFC

KFC’s Famous Bowl $3 promotion is not new. In January, KFC released discounted bowls and offered customers a complimentary bowl cut to celebrate the KFC $3 Famous Bowls.

The nutritional facts of Famous Bowls by KFC include 710 calories, 82g carbohydrates, 31g total fat, and 2450mg sodium. Official website

KFC also offers the $5 Full-Fill Up, which is one of their most popular menu items. To view more information and see the available promotions, visit the website.

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Famous Bowl Promotion Returns to KFC FAQs

Is KFC Famous bowl still $3?

KFC has reintroduced its fan-favorite $3 Famous Bowl deal just in time for the new year. 2020 looks bright. A Spicy Bowl can be ordered (drizzled in KFC’s Nashville Hot), and you will pay $3. Are you skeptical that $3 is enough to fill you up?

What does the KFC Famous bowl come with?

KFC’s famous Famous Bowl is a classic. It features creamy potatoes, sweet corn, and bite-size pieces of crispy popcorn chicken. The Famous Bowl is topped with a three cheese blend, giving customers the best bang for their buck.

Does KFC have a spicy chicken bowl?

KFC has introduced the Spicy Famous Bowl to their popular Famous Bowls menu. Spicy Famous Bowl is made with sweet potatoes, crispy chicken, mashed potatoes, and gravy. It’s topped with three shredded cheeses, as well as a drizzle of Nashville Hot Sauce.

Is the spicy Famous Bowl good?

It’s a pleasant little fire that is unexpectedly and morbidly welcome. The heat quickly disperses with warm gravy and warmer mashed potatoes giving a different kind if incandescence. You can feel the heat for only a few minutes, and then it goes away.

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