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Hidden T Location


Fortnite Hidden T Location: As you can see from the Trick Shot Loading Screen in the screenshot below, the Fortnite “T’ location is hidden under an unlit bridge in a wooded area.

This clue will lead you to the bridge, located over the river across Weeping Woods. The exact Fortnite secret location of the ‘T’ is shown on the map below.

When you arrive at the site, you’ll find the hidden Fortnite letter lying on the bridge’s north end.

Remember! You won’t be able to look for the ‘T’ hidden until after completing 10 of the challenges from Week 7.


Fortnite Hidden T Location

As you wait for the game to begin, take the map out and create the waypoint. We’re headed towards Dirty Docks for the first letter, T, and it’s in the northeast-most part of the map, and you can’t ignore it.

After you have landed on the docks, look for the enormous red crane and walk up the stairs.

At some point, you’ll reach an area with the T waiting for you.

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Thanks to the data miner FireMonkey, we can pinpoint the location of the second T hidden in Fortnite.

Just head over to Weeping Woods after you’ve unlocked the loading screen for Week 7, and then look for a small wooden bridge that runs to the north.

You go there are you’ve found the Fortnite secret T spots. The task is easy based on how quickly you can complete the week’s challenges, and all you need is to know the right place you need to go.

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How do you get the secret letters in fortnite?

The Fortnite Hidden Letters are great collectables you can get in the Fortnite Chapter 2 Battle Pass. To unlock them all, you must open the loading screens featured in each week’s set challenges. Each challenge will include an unmarked letter location beginning with an obscure F that you must locate within the maps.

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It is among the top drop points regarding the loot you can collect; however, it needs one of your team members to open the vault at the location. Begin by grabbing as possible in areas around the central building and then proceed down the stairs with your teammate to open the locker.

How do I spell Fortnite?

A fortnight is an amount of time equivalent or 14 consecutive days (2 weeks). The word is derived from the Old English term feowertiene”niht”, which means “fourteen nights” (or “fourteen days,” as the Anglo-Saxons weighed by night).

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