Haagen Dazs Menu Prices In Singapore ❤️ Latest Menu 2022

Haagen Dazs Latest Menu Prices In Singapore


Haagen Dazs Menu: Haagen Dazs is among the most popular Ice cream brands available in Singapore. Their offerings comprise Icecream Bar, Ice cream cakes, sorbets Yogurts (Frozen) Italian Gelato, and a myriad of other delicious foods.

Haagen Dazs Menu

Haagen Dazs Menu Prices

Here is a full list of the Haagen Daz menus, along with including prices:




Build Your Own Pint S$ 18.10
Fruity Lover S$ 98
Double Scoop S$ 10.60

Promotion ( Limited Time)



Buy 3 Build-Your-Own Pints (BYOP) At SGD35 S$ 35

Hand Packed Pint



Build Your Own Pint S$ 18.10




Fruity Lover S$ 98
Forest Friends S$ 98
Chocolate Curls S$ 93
Paris at Night S$ 93
Perfect Gift S$ 93
Soleil S$ 93
Enchanting Symphony S$ 93
Pink Delight S$ 93




Single Scoop S$ 7.40
Double Scoop S$ 10.60
Triple Scoop S$ 14.90

Ice Cream Creations



Neopolitan Croissant Sundae S$ 9.90
Cookie Dream Croissant Sundae S$ 11.90
Triple Chocolate Croissant Sundae S$ 11.90
Waffle Boat with Single Scoop S$ 12.40
Brownies with Single Scoop S$ 9.90
Brownies with Double Scoop S$ 12.80
Vanilla & Citrus Madeleine Bowl S$ 9.90
Caramel Biscuit & Butter Madeleine Bowl S$ 9.90




Cookies & Fudge S$ 14.90
Caramel & Nuts S$ 14.90

Ice Cream Beverages



Milkshake S$ 8.60
Affogato Classic S$ 9.40
Affogato Plus S$ 14.90
Vanilla Ice Cream Float S$ 9.90

Coffee Illy



Espresso S$ 4.60
Café Americano S$ 4.90
Café Latte S$ 7.40
Cappuccino S$ 7.40
Café Mocha S$ 7.40




Croissant S$ 3.60
Waffle S$ 4.90
Madeleines S$ 4.90
Petite Madeleines S$ 4.90
Brownies S$ 4.90

Other Beverages



Selection of Teas S$ 4.60
Bickford & Sons Soda Water S$ 4.90
Traditional Creamy Soda S$ 4.90
Esprit Sparkling Juice S$ 4.90
Evian S$ 3.60

Haagen Dazs menu Updated September 2022

Haagen Dazs is an Ice cream brand of the company which was established by the year 1961. It was founded in New York. They started their business with just three flavor options: Vanilla, Chocolate, and Coffee.

They do not build a name based on these three flavors, they serve a variety of tasty flavors to their customers, not just in America but and in many other countries.

One of the main reasons for their success across the globe is their constantly updated menu. They frequently update their menu and add new menu items.

Here are a few photos of Haagen Daz’s Menu Updated:

Haagen Dazs Menu Prices In Singapore - Latest Menu 2021

Haagen Coffee Chip Ice Cream

When selecting Haagen Daz Ice cream flavor, you should be aware when selecting coffee-flavored Ice creams.

There are a variety of flavors that will make your mouth water however, you should stay clear of your Coffee Chip Ice Cream. This is the only fully-flopped flavor available on their menu.

The first time they served the flavor under the flavor called Java Chip Ice Cream, however, they eventually decide to modify the recipe flavor.

However, if you love the flavor of Java Chip Ice Cream then it’s not essential to also enjoy Coffee Chip Ice Cream.

This is due to the loss of the coffee flavor in this product. This is a bit of a pain to drink coffee and has a little bitter taste. Therefore, we recommend not taking this product from their menu.

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About Haagen Daz

Haagen Daz is an American Ice Cream brand, it was created in the year 1961, in the year 1961 by Reuben as well as Rose Mattus in New York.

They have many of the traditional flavors as well as a variety of flavors that are linked to brands such as Vanilla Swiss Almond and Bananas Foster. They are regarded as a premium brand.

At the age of 8, Reuben Mattus started work to create ice cream. Later, he got married to Rose and they began working together.

They also started Haagen Dazs. They began selling ice cream only in three flavors, including Chocolate, Vanilla, and coffee.

Now they offer over 50 different flavors available on their menu. According to the owner ” It took over five years to master the art to make the best strawberry Ice cream).

Haagen Dazs Delivery locations

There are three Haagen Dazs stores located in Singapore that you can pick from, including one that is located in Plaza Singapore Mall ( 68 Orchard Road).

Here is the complete list of the Haagen Dazs outlets in Singapore:

Hilton Walkway
581 Orchard Road
Singapore 238883

Plaza Singapura
68 Orchard Road, #B2-58, Plaza Singapura
Singapore 238839

3 Gateway Drive, #01-11, Westgate Mall
Singapore 608532

Kontakt with Haagen Dazs

Are you looking to get the most recent updates early you can contact them via any of their official social media profiles?

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Haagen Dazs Menu FAQ

What does Häagen-Dazs mean in English?

It could have originated in a charming Danish village, or perhaps the recipe that was passed down through generations of Haagen family. Perhaps Haagen-Dazs is a reference to something more indulgent, like “Delicious Memory” or ” Pint of Happiness.” It could be Danish meaning “Screw Your Diet.”

What’s the best selling Flavour of Häagen-Dazs ice cream 2020?

Haagen-Dazs has revealed America’s top Ice cream flavor for 2020. And to the delight of many, the most popular flavor came from vanilla.

Does Häagen-Dazs sell anything besides ice cream?

Do Haagen Dazs (r) have non-dairy Ice cream? Yes Haagen-Dazs offers an array of non-dairy frozen dessertslike fruit sorbets.

Is Haagen Daz a real word?

Häagen-Dazs is a nonsense word that, although it sounds Scandinavian, at least to English speakers, it resembles no actual word in Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, or German. Häagen-Dazs ice cream is not made in Scandinavia and never was. The company began in New York. … The word has no meaning in any language.

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