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Guide to the Gates


Hades Gates Guide: A comprehensive guide to gates the gates, their symbols and their significance.

Zagreus’s progress in Hades depends on the gates you choose in each room on your journey through the realm of the dead.

For this Hades Gates and Symbols guide, we’ll assist you in learning about all the symbols you’ll encounter during the game.


Hades Gates Guide

In Hades, the character’s progression depends heavily on the gate the player chooses to clear, as every room has particular benefits.

Knowing what kind of reward the next room will give before you enter it is beneficial. Fortunately, the game uses symbols on the gate to illustrate this. Each character symbolizes a distinct type of reward the player will get next door.

This guide will cover all gates that players will encounter during the game.

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Doors that are marked with a purple crystal symbol symbolize darkness. It’s an artefact to boost Zagreus’s powers in Mirror of Night. Mirror of Night.

Chthonic Key

Doors that are marked with a purple crystal symbol symbolize darkness. It’s an artefact to boost Zagreus’s powers in Mirror of Night. Mirror of Night.

Charon’s Obol

The Obol of Charon is one of many Artifact currencies you can use in Charon’s store or at the Well of Charon to purchase different products. The amount of Obol’s value resets to zero after you die.

Charon’s Shop

A golden mask-covered bag signifies Charon’s store next door. Charon serves as the game’s shopkeeper and sells Zagreus various healing items and boons for the obols he has collected in his escape attempt.
Naturally, the next door won’t be a part of any mobs.

Centaur’s Heart

Centaur Hearts are artefacts discovered in the underworld that increase Zagreus’s health by 25 when they are obtained.

Sisyphus’ Blessings

Doors with an exclamatory symbol represent Sisyphus meeting next door. In these encounters, Sisyphus will offer Zagreus the choice of health, Darkness, Health or Obols. He can only appear at the time of each escape attempt.

This also means that there won’t be any crowd next door.

God’s Boons

The most popular kind of symbol is engraved upon the front door. Nine gods grant blessings to Zagreus.

Of the nine gods, eight have their characters that are identified by scanning the gates before entering, and the other Chaos God is a bit random and only noticed when the player enters the room.

There’s already a guide that outlines each god’s blessing impacts.

To determine the gods that lie ahead, These are the signs.

High Grade God’s Boons

Some doors have a god’s image with a skull on top. This means that the entry following contains armoured creatures (sort similar to mini-bosses). Also, clearing the room can provide players with higher levels of boons that can range from uncommon to legendary.

A high level of a specific boon can have a more significant effect, changing its statistics.


Ambrosia is just one of the artefact currencies which bounties can obtain. It is typically utilized as a present to those who have strengthened their relationships with Zagreus. People who receive their first Ambrosia from Zagreus will reciprocate by gifting the Companion.

Ambrosia may also be utilized to boost the efficiency of a Companion by giving the Companion more use per attempt.

Pom of Power

Pom of Power (short for Pomegranate of Power) is an artefact that boosts the amount that one boon you have after purchase.

Daedalus Hammer

The hammer symbol represents an upgrade bonus to your attack from Daedalus. Daedalus Hammer Daedalus Hammer is an artefact which improves your weapon’s performance by increasing its attack.

Boss Encounters

If you see an illuminating Darkness symbol with a skull, it indicates an upcoming boss battle. Beyond the dark, there are other symbols, such as sparkling Titan Blood, Diamond and Ambrosia, which indicate boss fights also.

NOTE: Although glittering Ambrosia could mean mini-bosses in some cases too.


Gemstones are among the many Artifact currencies found in the Underworld and are used to request upgrades from The House Contractor.

NOTE: As shown in the above picture, the gemstone symbol is sparkling along with the skull symbol.

Be aware that gemstones don’t always seem like this. This is merely a unique event with an increased difficulty of mobs and higher rewards.

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Chaos Mechanic

Chaos Mechanic was introduced in Chaos Update in Jan 2019. This, Chaos (embodiment of the primordial vacuum), gives bonuses to Zagreus that, in contrast to the instant boosts given to players by Olympian gods, lets you trade an ability to debuff a certain number of encounters for more power in the future.

Chaos can be seen traversing Chaos by going through Chaos Gates. They are like gateways on the floor adorned with a picture of the eye of Chaos.

Which will open and emit smoke after the room is cleared. To enter, health must be sacrificed unless Chaos’s keepsake, called the Cosmic Egg, is equipped.


Reward Boost

In the previous section, on particular doors, you’ll find glittering symbols accompanied by a small skull symbol.

This means that the next entry will have higher difficulty level mobs such as armoured, mini-bosses, or bosses. This means that the rewards earned for these areas will double menuprecios.info/.

People Also Ask Hades Gates Guide

How do I open the gates in Hades?

  1. Complete the Prophecies on the Fated List of Minor Prophecies.
  2. Buy from the shop of Charon for 1000 gold.
  3. Clear Asphodel for the very first time.
  4. Farm Diamonds originate from Lernaean Bone Hydra boss in Asphodel, with the Pact of Punishment for higher temperatures.

What does the exclamation point mean in Hades?

The grey orb with the exclamation mark means that you’ll meet with one of three unique NPCs (Sisyphus, Eurydice, and Patroclus) that give you an additional boost to the game.

What does an Erebus gate do in Hades?

To reach Erebus in Hades To get to Erebus in Hades, you’ll need to traverse one of the gates called an Erebus Gate. Similar to Chaos Gates, these are tiny circular holes in the floor, which you can travel to instead of selecting your next room according to the reward it provides.

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