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Haiku Japanese Restaurant Menu


We are Haiku Japanese Restaurant. We strive to find the highest grade of sushi fish and produce of the highest quality that is delivered daily to our store to ensure taste. our Poker is similar to the salad that tastes better when it’s fresh and hand-selected.

Our chefs cut up the whole fish every morning with great care. And then place the highest quality meat for the table.

We meticulously train our team on our process and food to ensure consistency and quality across all our meals and service.

Haiku Japanese Restaurant

Appetizers Haiku Japanese Restaurant

Sashimi Appetizer (7 Pieces) $12.00
Gyoza (6 Pieces) $6.00
Calamari $8.95
Beef Negimaki $9.00
Sushi Appetizer (5 Pieces) $9.00
Tiger Eye $8.50
Black Tuna Cocktail $8.50
Yellow Tail Neck $7.50
Baked Salmon (1 Piece) $6.50
Beef Tataki $8.00
Honey Wasabi Shrimp $8.00
Agedashi Tofu $5.00
Tempura Appetizer $6.50
Tuna Tataki $10.00
Harumaki (Japanese Spring Roll) $6.00
Baked Green Mussels (3 Pieces) $5.50
Edamame $5.00

Soups & Salads Haiku Japanese Restaurant

Cucumber Salad $3.50
Squid Salad $6.00
Seafood Soup $5.00
Clear Soup $2.00
House Salad $4.00
Chef’s Special Salad $11.00
Gyoza Soup $4.00
Miso Soup $4.50
Snow Crab Salad $6.50
Seaweed Salad $5.00

Noodles Haiku Japanese Restaurant

Tempura Udon $11.00
Yaki Soba Chicken $10.00
Nabeyaki Udon $10.50
Yaki Soba Beef $13.00
Yaki Soba Shrimp $12.00
Chicken Udon $9.00
Beef Udon $11.00
Yaki Soba Vegetable $11.00
Yaki Soba Combo $13.00

Dinner Specials Haiku Japanese Restaurant

Mushroom Duck $18.00
Chicken Katsu $14.00
Stuffed Shrimp $16.00
Beef Teriyaki $15.00
Chicken Teriyaki $16.00
Tempura Dinner $15.00
Eel Bowl $14.00
Salmon Steak $15.00
Crispy Fish $16.00

Entrées from Sushi Bar Haiku Japanese Restaurant

Chirashi $24.00
Sashimi Dinner $24.00
Sushi Dinner $18.00
Love Boat (for Two) $48.00
Sushi & Sashimi Combo $30.00

Sushi Haiku Japanese Restaurant

White Tuna (Escolar) $6.00
Smelt Roe $4.00
Egg $4.00
Mackerel $5.00
Scallop $5.00
Surf Clam $3.50
Salmon (Fresh) $5.00
Tuna $5.00
Wasabi Roe $4.50
Sweet Shrimp $7.00
Shrimp $4.00
Eel $6.00
Salmon Roe $4.50
Octopus $4.50
Sea Urchin $7.50
Squid $4.00
White Fish $4.50
Tuna Tataki $6.00
Yellow Tail $6.00
Crab Stick $3.50
Salmon (Smoked) $5.00

Rolls Haiku Japanese Restaurant

Rainbow Roll $10.00
Rock & Roll (4) $10.00
Yellowtail Roll $6.00
Soft Shell Crab Roll $10.00
Dynamite Roll $5.00
Smoked Salmon Roll $6.00
Dragon Roll $10.00
Cucumber Roll $5.00
Sashimi Roll $12.00
Salmon Avocado Roll $6.00
Vegetable Roll $5.00
Scallop Roll $6.00
Tuna Roll $6.00
Special Eel Roll $6.00`
Rice Paper Roll $8.00
Crawfish Roll $6.00
Snow Crab Roll $6.00
California Roll $6.00
Crunchy Roll $6.00
Shrimp Tempura Roll $8.00

Sashimi Haiku Japanese Restaurant

Fresh Salmon $11.00
Fresh Tuna $12.50
Triple Sashimi $18.00
Yellowtail $15.00
Octopus $11.00
White Fish $11.00

Desserts Haiku Japanese Restaurant

Green Tea Ice Cream $3.00
Ice Cream Tempura $5.00
Banana Tempura $4.50
Red Bean Ice Cream $3.00
Vanilla Ice Cream $3.00

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Beverages Haiku Japanese Restaurant

Orange Juice $2.00
Coffee $1.75
Root Beer $1.85
Sprite $1.85
Coke $1.85
Lemonade $1.85
Green Tea $2.75
Pineapple Juice $2.00
Milk $2.00
Ice Tea $1.75
Cranberry Juice $2.00

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FAQ About Haiku Japanese Restaurant

How do you handle and process food during the Coronavirus (CoVID-19)?

COVID-19 is affecting all businesses including those in the industry of food. Following the lifting of the dine-in restaurant restriction We’ve taken every step to ensure the safety of food. At present, only prepared meals will be served and physical separation of food safety and proper hygiene guidelines will be followed. We suggest take-out or delivery service to avoid any personal contact. However, you are still invited to dine in and enjoy our delicious food. be aware of the security precautions.

 Can I order by phone?

Absolutely! You are able to call us or walk into the store to place an order and pay once you get it later. Simply leave your number so that we can contact you in the event we require changes. It is recommended to avoid the line and place your order over the phone.

Can I make reservations?

We do accept reservations. Contact us prior to your arrival and we’ll gladly inform you about how busy it is in the dining area Click here.

What is inside your Ramen?

The Japanese Style Hot Ramen Soup is made with fresh Ramen noodles, marinated pork belly, or beef and a few vegetables. To give you the rich Ramen soup taste, we cook our chicken bone and pork soup every day. To add to your Ramen bowl, you can request other vegetables from our restaurant.

How can I contact you with further questions?

We would love to hear from yours! Haiku Tokyo’s goal is to provide a comfortable, warm and welcoming environment for guests. We need your feedback. We welcome your comments and suggestions via the Comment form or just stop by to say hi!

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