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Haitian Restaurant Menu Prices


Have your family members or friends’ guests showed up unexpectedly at your home and you’d like to get food for them at a reasonable cost and also tasty? Then you can look up the Haitian Restaurant Menu prices list and then order the food in line with it. You can even get access to taptaprestaurant’s hidden menu here.

If you’re in your workplace and would like to have a meal You can look at your Tap Tap Haitian Restaurant menu cost list on your desk. You can then easily order the food you’re looking for.

Here are the specifics of the various food items from appetizers to desserts you’ve wanted to know about as well as compare the easy and delicious food you can make on your own in any location.

Haitian Restaurant Menu

Here are Tap Tap’s current menu prices and updated list. If you’re looking to learn how much the Tap Tap Haitian Restaurant menu price list is prior to going to the restaurant, or ordering food online, you can simply look up and review this Tap Tap Haitian Restaurant menu price list below of your most-loved food items.

It is essential for you to be aware of the most current cost of food such as burgers and salad, soup as well as beverages, chicken, and many more.

This portal will provide the updated menu prices, as well as changes. You can see in the following Tap Tap Haitian restaurant list of menu prices for 2022.

We have included Tap Tap Haitian Restaurant breakfast menu prices, Tap Tap Haitian Restaurant menu prices for meals, Tap Tap Haitian Restaurant catering menu prices are listed below in the chart that you should take into consideration prior to making a reservation at the restaurant or ordering on the internet.

However. You should check on the Tap Tap Haitian Restaurant official website for menus in order to determine an accurate cost.

Find the most up-to-date and actual Tap Tap Haitian Restaurant menu price and compare it to the price of our menu as restaurants could change their prices at any moment therefore there might be minor variations in cost that are listed on this page and the actual.

Tap Tap Haitian Restaurant Menu



Special of the Day Haitian Restaurant Menu

Chicken w /Rice $7.99

Appetizers Haitian Restaurant Menu

Fritai $13.00

Dinner Platters Haitian Restaurant Menu

Pumpkin Soup $8.00
Turkey Tissot $13.50
Griot $13.50
Lambi $18.00
Kabrit Au SOS $17.00
Whole Red Snapper $20.00
Poulet Au SOS $2.00
Legume $14.00
Oxtail $16.00

Side Dishes Haitian Restaurant Menu

Diri Kole $4.60
Diri Blan $4.60
Diri Djon Djon $5.50
Plantains $4.60
House Cut Fries $4.60
Akra $5.00
SOS PWA $2.00

Turkey Wings & Chicken Platters Haitian Restaurant Menu

Turkey Wings (2 pc) $13.50
Chicken Wings (3 pc) $11.50
Chicken Legs $13.00
Chicken Breast $12.00
Glazed Chicken $7.50

Burgers Haitian Restaurant Menu

Hamburger $8.00
Salmon Burger $8.50

Seafood Haitian Restaurant Menu

Fried Tilapia $5.75
Fried Whiting $7.50
Fried Red Snapper $11.00
Stewed Red Snapper $11.00
Conch Stewed $8.00

Sides Haitian Restaurant Menu

Baked Mac & Cheese $2.99
Cabbage / Collard Greens Combo $2.99
Candied Yams $2.99
Golden Cornbread $1.00
Plantains (Sides) $2.00
Sweet Plantains $4.25
Mixed Salad $4.60
Mixed Salad (Sides) $4.60
Rice & Beans $4.60
White Rice $4.60
Black Rice $5.50
Sweet Potato Fries $4.50
French Fries $3.25

Kids Menu Haitian Restaurant Menu

Hot Dog w/ Fries $4.00
Cheese Burger w/ Fries $5.25
Chicken Tenders w/ Fries $4.00

Party Wings Haitian Restaurant Menu

BBQ, Buffalo, Honey BBQ $6.00

Desserts Haitian Restaurant Menu

Chocolate Cake $3.50
Cheese Cake $2.50


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To find out the most current rates make contact with the specific business location that is of interest to you.

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People Also Ask Haitian Restaurant Menu

What do Haiti people eat for lunch?

Lunch (manje midday) is a huge meal. It usually includes rice, beans, and even meat. Snacks are common and comprise fruits. Evening meals (dine) is hot cereal or soup.

What is Haiti national dish?

Beef and goat (and occasionally turkey) transform into tasso. pork turns into Griot (also known as a gyro), which is considered to be Haiti’s national dish.

What do Haitian eat for breakfast?

Breakfast is a must In Haiti there is food that is similar to the food is that a Haitian could consume all day long: fish, plantains and sometimes, even spaghetti! Apart from plantains as well, coconut milk is an essential ingredient in a variety of Haitian recipes. There’s a specific Haitian sweet that is a great use of coconut milk, called blancmange.

What is Haitian Creole food?

The Haitian food culture is known as Haitian Creole, or simply “creole,” a term that refers to French as well as Spanish elements incorporated into Haitian culture. Alongside European influences, the authentic Haitian cuisine reflects African as well as Middle Eastern culinary styles. This is evident in the spicy and bold flavor.

What is Haitian famous for?

Haiti became the first African republic and was able to achieve this by beating Napoleon along with the French colonists who used slave labor to produce profit-making crops across the country. The Haitian people successfully overthrew the French in the Battle of Vertieres at the close of 1803 and become an independent country.

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