Cuphead: How To Beat Cagney Carnation ❤️

How To Beat Cagney Carnation


How To Beat Cagney Carnation: This is a guide to those in need of assistance in dealing with flower-loving bosses “Cagney Carnation”. You are welcome to contact me below if I have missed something, and I’d love to incorporate it into the guide (with the utmost respect, of course).

This boss is more difficult than other bosses However, after following this guideline, it’ll just be a little simpler for you.

The boss can be divided into three phases, with each becoming more violent than the previous. (Like the majority of games, there are three bosses). Sidenote that you must utilize your “Chaser” weapons.

In Between Phases

 How to Beat Cagney Carnation

The flower will transform into a Gatling weapon and sprinkle seeds. Be sure to avoid these. There’s no guaranteed method to avoid them however I stayed on the ground and utilized my “Chaser” tool to knock down the approaching seed monsters. This can be helpful since the weapon will eliminate them.

Phase #1

  • The flower begins by curving its head and then aiming at you. It is easy to predict by looking at the direction the head is pointed before the attack.

Phase #2

  • The flower begins to release a variety of seed projectiles. Make sure you stay away from the most of these you can to keep your health for the next phase.
  • The boomerang may be shot from either the top or the bottom. Based on the direction is selected, the boomerang will shoot out the other way. For instance, if a boomerang is aimed at you from above the boomerang will then swing and then return to the bottom. Be on the lookout for this.
  • The flower can also produce projectile seeds for carrots. These are fairly difficult to dodge, so ensure you stay away from other projectiles that will be coming at you at this stage.

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Phase #3

  • The flower is likely to become angry and begin growing roots below you. Be sure to leap across platforms and shoot the flower.
  • In this phase, you can make use of the super with caution because it could send you to the ground and even kill you.
  • Be sure to also utilize the Chaser weapon to make it more difficult to dodge and it won’t be necessary to be focusing on fire while dodging. This can become very tedious at times.

People Also Ask How To Beat Cagney Carnation

How hard is Cagney carnation?

Cagney is a variety of attack styles and a few different moves, but Cagney isn’t as hard than Hilda Berg or Ribby and Croaks. When you’ve mastered his techniques, Cagney will wilt before your eyes. Although Cagney might not be very strong, he is able to perform many incidents, therefore let’s look through the most common ones.

Is Cagney carnation in the Cuphead show?

It’s the Cuphead Show! is sure to be a combination of Cuphead and Mugman The show may also feature other memorable characters like Captain Brineybeard Ribby as well as Croaks, Cala Maria, Cagney Carnation, Baroness Von Bon Bon, The Root Pack along with King Dice. Fans are also likely to be thrilled over seeing the Devil returning.

Who is Cuphead’s crush?

Mugman can be described as a fun-loving character like Cuphead however, he is demonstrated to be more cautious and more cautious than his twin brother. He is the voice of reasoning for him.

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