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 KFC Famous Bowl


KFC Famous Bowl: Although I like the traditional bread and meat dish along with fries whenever I am satiated with my cravings for fast food but sometimes I’d like to experiment with something new and adventurous or something I can consume with a spoon.

Yes, I know that a lot of you do not want to take food from fast-food restaurants with spoons unless it’s a delicious ice cream that is cold and creamy that is topped with Oreos and caramel sprinkled by… It’s possible to go on and on.

The KFC’s Famous Bowl is different and delicious, so I’ll show you why it is a must to add it to the list of your top KFC food items.

History of the Famous Bowl

Although it’s a KFC brand, the restaurant wasn’t an original part of the KFC menu. It was added to the menu in the 90sand is a surprise that it has remained on the constantly changing KFC menu.

It’s remained mostly the same throughout for the duration and is just exactly as delicious today like it was back when it was in its 90s.

KFC Famous Bowl

The Inspiration

The entire menu of what is known as the Famous Bowl has been an element of the KFC menu for years However, they’ve been rearranged to make something truly delicious. They refer to it as a classic, even though it’s not an original item on the menu.

It is made from creamy potato mash, delicious crispy chicken bites fried, covered with firm corn, and topped with delicious homemade gravy and cheese, mozzarella along Monterey Jack cheese.

Two Types

Recently, KFC has launched the Spicy Famous Bowl that is similar to the original, but with their distinctive Nashville hot sauce drizzled over it. It’s a great option for all the lovers of spice who are out there!


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KFC Famous Bowl

KFC Famous Bowl Review


The Famous Bowl has a great flavor and texture It’s all because of the excellent choice of layering. All the ingredients are perfect. KFC’s mashed potatoes are fantastic because they’re super!

The texture is soft and not too dense for a wonderful mouthfeel.

The essential brown gravy provides the required flavor and fat to take the mash to a new level. The corn is easy to prepare, but perfectly cooked and offers a delicious feeling when you bite into it.

The chicken that is fried is bone-free and crisp, which provides an essential flavor to the creamy and smooth mash beneath. The chicken is well-seasoned but not excessively that it doesn’t interfere with the overall flavor of the dish.

Finally, the three-cheese mixture is the perfect topping, adding that extra amount of fat and smoothness. Everything is perfect since it’s the fusion of all the elements that make KFC fantastic.

If you’re in need of a bit more zing to the delicious flavor of your meal You must definitely consider the hot one. The addition of Nashville hot sauce is an excellent choice that is not limited to people who love hot sauce.


It’s not. The bowl is the calories 720 consisting of 23g of protein, the 79g amount of carbs (of 3g of which are sugars) 34g of fat along with 6 grams of fiber.

The fat content is quite low there is 7g of saturated fat, and zero grams of trans fat. This is the sole positive aspect since there is also 45 mg of cholesterol as well as 2370mg sodium. it is clear this could be a major problem for some.


The cost per bowl is just $3 (assuming that you aren’t in one of the cities where everything costs more) for one pound of food.

This is absolutely worthwhile in my opinion because there aren’t many fast food establishments which can provide this much food at this price while tasting delicious as well.

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Final Verdict

The KFC Famous Bowl offers a well-balanced combination of carbs, proteins, and fats. The ingredients come from the finest ingredients in KFC’s menu of food items.

The layers of ingredients create the texture and flavor that will make you want to eat more. The price is reasonable considering the quantity you receive.

The only drawback could be that this food isn’t healthful, but who is going to a fast-food restaurant to be healthy anyway? My suggestion is to get out and test it and you may be surprised to find out how great it really is.

KFC’s Famous Bowl Nutrition

Serving Size 525g
Calories 680
Calories From Fat 280
Amount Per Serving % Daily Value*
Total Fat 31g 48%
Saturated Fat 8.0g 40%
Trans Fat 1.0g
Cholesterol 45mg 15%
Sodium 2130mg 89%
Total Carbohydrates 74g 25%
Dietary Fiber 6g 24%
Sugars 3g
Protein 26g 52%

People Also Ask KFC Famous Bowl

Q.1. What is the famous bowl at KFC?

A KFC famous item Famous Bowl is a KFC staple. Famous Bowl features creamy sweet corn, sweet potatoes and small pieces of crisp popcorn chicken sandwiched with homemade gravy. Then it’s served with a trio of cheeses that gives the best value for money and a whole one pound of delicious food, flavour and fullness.

Q.2. How unhealthy is KFC Famous bowl?

This is the real kicker The Famous Bowl is one of KFC’s menu items that aren’t healthy. It’s got 710 calories this bowl along with an 82-gram carbohydrate (thank cheese and potato for this) 31, grams of fat, and astonishingly, 2450 milligrams of sodium.

Q.3. Is the famous bowl at KFC good?

Final Verdict. The KFC Famous Bowl offers a balanced mix of carbs, proteins and fats made from the finest ingredients in the KFC’s range of food products. The layering of ingredients creates the texture and flavor that will make you want to eat more. The price is very reasonable considering the quantity you receive.

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