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Below you can find the complete information on Mcdonald Singapore menu 2022. McDonald or McDo is among the top American fast food companies not only in Singapore but all over the globe. It was established in 1940 as an eatery.

The main headquarters is located situated in Oak Brook, although it’s an additional headquarter in Illinois.

McDonald’s Menu Sg contains a wide range of healthiest food choices that any person can choose to satisfy their appetite. They offer a variety of delicious meals like burgers, chicken and more to pick among their offerings.

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Mcdonald Singapore Menu 2021

McDonald’s Singapore Menu



McFlurry Oreo $2.70
McFlurry Strawberry Shortcake/Mudpie $3.00
Sundae $1.70
Vanilla cone $0.80
ChocoCone $1.00


Classic Angus cheese burger $8.95
Classic Angus cheese burger meal $10.95
Double cheeseburger $3.50
Double cheeseburger meal $6.10
Big Mac $5.75
Big Mac meal $7.50
The original Angus $6.20
The original Angus meal $7.95


Double Filet-O-Fish $5.40
Double Filet-O-Fish meal $7.35

Salads & Wraps

Grilled chicken salad $5.80
Grilled chicken salad meal $7.55
Grilled chicken wrap $5.80
Grilled chicken wrap meal $7.55


McSpicy – single $5.25
McSpicy – single meal $7.00
McSpicy – double $7.20
McSpicy – double meal $8.95
Buttermilk crispy chicken $6.95
Buttermilk crispy chicken meal $8.95
McWings – 4pc $4.20
McWings – 4pc meal $6.10
Chicken nuggets – 6pc $4.60
Chicken nuggets – 6pc meal $6.10
Chicken nuggets – 9pc $6.20
Chicken nuggets – 9pc meal $7.95

Extra Value Meals (EVM)

Filet-O-Fish $5.00
McChicken $5.00
BBQ beef burger with egg $5.00

Mcdonald Singapore Menu Updated September 2022

Because McDonald’s ranks among the largest menus for restaurants in Singapore Even though their menus are already fantastic however, that doesn’t mean they don’t modify their menu.

They take care of their customers and are able to update or alter their menus regularly. This way, customers don’t get bored.

Go to McDonald’s Singapore to let the glowing glow of the chicken drumlets awaken your appetite!

It’s possible to take a bite of the crispy bag of pizza fries, able to make just as tall as a magnificent bamboo forest!

Look at the splendor of the golden crisp chicken sandwich, smothered in sweet tomato jam, and then topped with a large disc of mozzarella cheese that has been fried!

In Singapore like we’ve mentioned, there are many cool things to do. Three new chicken sandwiches available from McDonald’s located in America.

United States, and while these aren’t bad but they’re not up to the level of inventiveness that has driven McDonald’s Singapore to success.

Yahoo! News has searched social media to get reviews on the popular fast food brands around the world which helps ease the hurt in my heart broken.

According to certain followers on Instagram the Chick’n’ Cheese is “Not worth the money” as well as “Very disappointed.

” Some users pointed at the fact that the advertisement that advertises the food is “misleading” due to the fact that the cheese does not have the appealing stringy look to it.

A different user complained that the cheese was “very bland.” One user on Facebook stated that they “didn’t like the flavor combo.

” In Twitter,, things were more negative and one customer who was dissatisfied writing “Mcdonald’s chick-n-cheese burger was terrible.

The cheese patty was mostly flour, the marinara sauce tasted not like marinara sauce and it tasted more like pizza stick seasoning made from pretz.”

NEws About MacDonald Singapore BTS Meal

In light of phase 2 (Heightened Alert), Singapore customers will need wait until July 21 for the purchase of their BTS Meals

McDonald New Crispy Hainanese Chicken Burger

McDonald’s will introduce their innovative Crispy Hainanese Chicken Burger on August 5, 2021.

The meal will be only available for a short period of time on the 5th of August. They introduced this burger in commemoration of National Day.

Their brand new Crispy Hainanese Chicken burgerfeatures the crisp chicken patty topped and garlic chilli sauce as well as ginger sauce, and a Dark Sweet Sauce.

McDo Breakfast Menu

Breakfast at McDonald’s Singapore menu runs 7:00 am to 11:00 am (Mon-Fri) On the weekend, on Sunday and on holidays it is open from 7:00 AM until 12:00 pm.

They offer classics like Breakfast Deluxe, Chicken Muffin, Hotcakes, Big Breakfast, Hotcakes with Sausage and many more.

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If you are craving sausage and hotcakes, McDonald’s serves you with Hotcakes and Sausage breakfast.

Offering 3 golden brown hotcakes with a delicious butter , maple and sweet hotcake syrup.

For a more delicious breakfast, Eat Hotcake and sausage along with the Premium Roast Coffee.

There are various other breakfast items such as Double-filet-O’fish, Breakfast Wrap Chicken Sausage, Apple Slices, Hash Brown, corn Cup, Hot Tea, Hot Milao, Breakfast Wrap Chicken sausage, Vanilla Shake and many other things to make breakfast delicious.

McDonald’s sausage Muffin, topped with egg is among the top meals available to everyone for breakfast. It’s is a fantastic choice for those who’ve never tried it before.

It’s a great opportunity to visit McDonald’s to begin your day with delicious food.

McDonald’s Burger Singapore

McDonald are equally famous in the same way as Happy Meals One of the reasons that make Happy Meals fame is that they also offer toys for children.

The McDonald’s Burger is famous simply due to their delicious flavor.

Many varieties of burgers are offered at McDonald’s such as Butter Milk Crispy chicken, Angus Blt, Big Mac, Mc Spicy, McSpicy Double McSpicy and many more.

Hamburger is among the most well-known meals served by McDonald as well as one of the main reasons behind its popularity. McDonald’s hamburgers.

The McDonald’s hamburger is made with a tangy pickle onion pieces, some ketchup, and mustard.

McDonald’s hamburger comes with Regular Ban, 100% Beef Patty, Ketchup, Pickle slices, onions, Mustards.

In hamburger , there are no synthetic flavors, flavorings, or additives, or added colors made from artificial sources.

McDonald’s Desserts & Shakes Singapore

McDonald’s Desserts and Shakes contain all their most well-known McFlurry flavors shakes, desserts.

There are also a variety of different soft serve desserts like their vanilla cone, and hot caramel Sundae. Take advantage of your meal with an indulgence from McDonald’s dessert menu.

On the McDonald’s Desserts Menu McFlurry is among the most delicious meals that anyone can enjoy during their meal.

It is made up of lash and soft-serve McDonald’s Vanilla flavored ice-cream in the cup. Instead of straws, they utilize a specially-designed McFlurry spoon that can be used to mix the Ice Cream.

Contact with McDonald’s Staff

If you have a suggestion concerning McDonald’s Singapore Menu or have a question you should contact McDonald’s via their social media accounts listed below:




McDonald’s Singapore Official website

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Mcdonald Singapore Menu FAQ

Is McDelivery 24 hours in Singapore?

The total number of 57 McDonald’s outlets are now operating 24/7 operation and 24 hours McDelivery However, just on Fridays and on Saturdays, and the eve of public holidays. In the rest of the week (Sundays to Thursdays and public Holidays) they are open till 2 am.

Can I work at mcdonalds at 13 in Singapore?

They must be aged between 13 and 16 years when they start (depending on the type of job), but they must also adhere to the following conditions: They are not permitted to work between 11pm and 6am.

How do you pay for Mcdonalds delivery?

Hello, when you check out you are able to select the desired option of method for payment for example cash upon delivery. If you want to place an order as a guest, the only way to pay is via online card payments. Tag: McDonald’s.

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