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The Original Burger King Whopper


Original Burger King Whopper was at the very top of the fast food chain for quite a while and we’re unable to recall an era before their flame-broiled menu of burgers.

Always freshly prepared, Menu items at Burger King accommodate individual preferences and premium ingredients.

Its Original Original Burger King Whopper is no exception. it’s been among the most requested menu items for a long time and is created in any way you want it.

Original Burger King Whopper History

Original Burger King Whopper


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The Whopper was first introduced to the Burger King’s menu back in 1957 when shakes and burgers that were fast food were at the peak in popularity.

Burger King’s co-founder discovered that a competitor restaurant located in Gainesville, Florida, was having success with the “large” hamburger.

He believed that the success is due to the size of the burger which is why he developed the Whopper to express the message of “something large.”

This Whopper has been around for over 60 years, which makes it among the longest-running menu items in fast-service restaurant history.

Burger King coined the phrase “Home to the Whopper in 1957. So, as you can imagine, it’s never going away.

Types of Whoppers

The Whopper is the basis for many different Burger King burgers, including the Angry Whopper, the Angriest Whopper, and the Whopper Jr, the Impossible Whopper The Double Whopper, and the Bacon and Cheese Whopper.

Each burger has distinct flavors and unique flavors, it is the Original Whopper that remains a fan most loved.

The Original Whopper Review

Original Burger King Whopper

Burger King’s Whopper consists of the quarter-pound, delicious, barbecued beef patty. With succulent tomatoes and fresh salad creamy mayonnaise, ketchup and crisp pickle slices, and white onions are cut into slices and served in a delicious sesame seed bread.

I love having slices of American cheese with my Whopper because cheeseburgers are far tastier than a hamburger. I’m a huge fan of cheese melts (on any food item).

Although the Whopper may sound huge it’s actually smaller than its height. Do you know the Burgers that are with meat and toppings that you are unable to fit into your mouth?

The Whopper has solved this issue by making its burger larger and allowing you to take normal bites and not break your jaw.

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The patty of beef that’s flame-broiled is the main event here. It’s cooked to perfection, sealing in moisture while grilling the surface while bringing out all the flavor from the cut.

It doesn’t require much seasoning, however, the condiments can do a great job of adding flavor. The Whopper is served with ketchup and mayonnaise, but I like to include mustard to complete the condiment trifecta. Also, anything that falls out is a great thing to dip fries in.

The onion, lettuce, as well as tomato pieces, are wonderful when they’re fresh and plentiful however I’ve had a few Whoppers that the lettuce was limp, as well as the tomato slices, were squishy. It’s fine to ask for fresh vegetables.

This provides the burger with a crisp bite that draws all the flavors together beautifully. There is no one who would like a Whopper that is wilted.

Sesame seed buns are constantly fresh (I’ve not experienced a bun that has gone stale yet).

They’re large enough to completely cover the patty, and they’re strong enough to hold all the ingredients together, yet soft enough to chew into without having to work too hard. In all, this burger recipe is a hit.


It has more calories than the Big Mac, the Whopper is an excellent option if you’re hungry or don’t want to count calories for the day.

It’s a good thing that it’s packed with tomatoes and lettuce which means you’re getting fresh vegetable nutrition.

Also, it’s a decent amount of protein which means it’s not all that bad. You can cut down on the number of calories by eliminating the cheese, mayo and ketchup, and the bun if you like. Remember if are allergic to the Whopper that it includes eggs, soy, and wheat.

Calories 660

Fat 40 g

Carbs 49 g

Protein 28 g

Cholesterol 90 mg

Sodium 980 mg


By itself, The Whopper is a delicious and filling option. Its flame-broiled patty and toppings, and sauces all combine to give the classic burger taste we love so much.

It’s simple to make a reservation and take to on-the-go, delicious and fresh. The combo meals that you can order including a drink as well as an additional side dish add even more value.

It’s a great lunchtime or early morning meal that will not leave me hungry for just a couple of hours and brings back happy memories of my early Whopper Jr. times.


If you’re trying to control your diet or calories it’s possible to reserve this for a “cheat day” however, in my opinion, it’s worth the effort.

It’s quite heavy on your stomach so be sure the day you cheat on is one of a relaxing day with no significant amount of exercise because it’s possible that you’ll feel exhausted following the meal.

It’s a classic hamburger made with fresh ingredients at a reasonable cost, and you can find one almost everywhere across the US and all over the world.

Whopper Pricing

The Whopper was introduced in the year 1957 the price was 37 cents (equivalent to roughly US$3.26 in the year 2017). In 2017, the Whopper costs just under $4, while the Whopper Meal (with the addition of a drink and an accompanying dish) is around $6.50.

The Whopper costs less than the cost of any other Burger King sandwiches or hamburgers of the same size.

If you think the price is to be a bit high There are a variety of excellent choices on the value menu. Also, you can take a look at the various Mix and Match deals coupon, promotions, or coupons.

If you’re looking for something a little more adventurous you can check out the choices from Burger King’s Secret Menu. Although, few will be able to match Burger King’s original Whopper.

People Also Ask The Original Burger King Whopper

Why did Burger King change the Whopper?

In a totally copycat move, Burger King is changing the price of their Whopper to celebrate the burger’s birthday in the wake of McDonald’s made the exact move with their McMuffin in the fall of this year. … The hamburger that is famous was first launched in 1957 and has since become an iconic menu item and a top-selling food item at the restaurant.

Did Burger King change the Whopper bun?

Burger King announced Thursday that its renowned Whopper “now has no color or flavors, and also no preservatives derived from artificial sources.” In light of the new design the chain has updated its Whopper’s wrapper to show what it’s composed of 100% flame-grilled beef tomatoes, lettuce mayo and ketchup .

When did Burger King come out with the Whopper?

Burger King announced Thursday that its renowned Whopper “now has no color or flavors, and also no preservatives derived from artificial sources.” In light of the new design the chain has updated its Whopper’s wrapper to show what it’s composed of 100% flame-grilled beef tomatoes, lettuce mayo and ketchup .

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