Penny University Menu Prices In Singapore – Latest Menu 2022

Penny University Menu Prices In Singapore


Penny University Menu: In the middle of the Katong region, Penny University is certainly worth the visit. While this cafe is constantly crowded on weekends, however, I still enjoy the atmosphere of its independent vibe with very reasonable prices, delicious drinks, and computer-friendly facilities!

I haven’t found any shortcomings with this place apart from the fact that it’s busy, which isn’t really good news for the cafe in any way. I highly recommend this place!

Look & Feel

From the moment you step in it already has an atmosphere of rusticity with its vintage furniture and basic bronze door frames.

If it wasn’t for the hot temperatures, I could relax in the “alfresco” area and watch the afternoon pass by!

I loved the way they focus on the little details. The bike is located on its front doors, while the benches are functional but attractive.

Since I was at the cafe all afternoon until the end time of closing, I attempted to avoid becoming a hogger by settling at a particular corner of the common table. In reality, I stayed until the crowd went away so that I could take some great pictures from the café.

The dim yellow light fixtures created an extremely relaxing atmosphere in the restaurant and make it an ideal place to meet with your friends or to enjoy great food with your partner.

Fook & Drinks

Penny University Menu Prices In Singapore - Latest Menu 2021

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Like I always, I purchased a cafe Latte and, even though it’s priced around average I found it to come in a fairly small amount. But the flavor made more up for it. It was silky smooth with an aftertaste of roast.

In the afternoon, I had an afternoon Cheesie Toastie which came with Marmite and poached eggs. The toast was delicious, as I expected with the Marmite Spread good. The salad was delicious too. Overall, I don’t think that this is a must-try however it’s enough to satisfy you before tea time!

Lastly, an Iced Chocolate! It’s a drink I would recommend to everyone! I’ve not found a single outlet that offers real quality Iced Chocolate before Penny University. Chocolate sauce is quite thick but not overly gooey.

After mixing it with the milk, it gave the most delicious, rich chocolatey flavor. It has a more intense taste than chocolate milk and it has the silky smoothness of the chocolate shake. Absolutely tasty!

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Penny University is certainly among my best choices for cafes! If you’re looking for an area that offers an excellent breakfast without burning your pockets, I’d suggest this one! I’d recommend going back on a weekend if you can to take in the ambiance at night!

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Penny University Menu Prices In Singapore FAQ

Q. What is a penny University?

Ans. Coffeehouses were the first which were established in London during the late 17th century, were referred to as Penny Universities. … At Penny Universities, patrons mingled over coffee, not alcohol. Thus, instead of losing billions of brain cells, the students were left feeling more educated and educated than they did before they came.

Q. Who owns Penny university?

Ans. Mouse Kamal established Penny University in November 2012 after many years within the world of business. While the cafe, which is artisanal, has been in operation for more than five years, many people are aware of the story of Penny University.

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