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Real Food Singapore Review: Real Food is a cafe serving organic food that is made with natural ingredients. It’s a place where you can indulge in food and stay healthy.

The inside is spacious and cozy with a separate area for gatherings and dining, and a second area for private reading or evening chats with your friends.

The price is reasonably priced and worth stopping by every now and then! It is located just a few meters further down Killiney Road (near Orchard Central) You will be delighted to come across this intriguing cafe in a largely boring structure.

Look & Feel

Real Food is a huge space for shopping and they divide the cafe into two sections. One is then a place to eat and the other one is for reading or chatting.

The other area has seating for sofas and a low table that is mostly for desserts and drinks than eating. I absolutely love this section more since I love couches. The perfect place to read!

Food & Drink

Real Food Singapore Review

We were pleasantly surprised to discover a wide selection of menu items despite the fact that it is an organic food establishment.

There were a variety of options to choose from, however, they seemed too healthy for us young adults. Is it time to get healthy?

One of my friends purchased Organic Mushrooms Aglio Olio. The flavor was okay it was not too spicy, and mildly sweet. The organic mushrooms tasted very like a mushroom.

I ordered I ordered Genovese Pesto Pasta. I wasn’t a fan of the olives or the overall flavor was vegetal-y. The flavor was healthy and delicious, however, I think it could be improved by adding a bit more salt and spice.

My friend was unlucky to receive a disappointing breakfast at the Rise-n-shine Cafe. The dish was waiting for quite a long time and it was cold by the time of serving as well as the bread quite hard.

After asking for it to be heated, it came back one degree warmer, and my friend enjoyed it with a sigh. We wouldn’t recommend it in the event that the standard of this dish is this.

It is an absolute STAR for the night. the original Strawberries, as well as Banana Pancakewhich, which was extremely delicious, sweet, and aromatic.

The pancake was fluffy and the sweetness made the entire food a perfect match. Although the presentation could be more appealing, however, we were willing to accept the flavor. Official website

Another food item that I will add to my top food lists! It’s a bit small in comparison to its cost, however!

In a Nutshell

It’s great to find it is good to see Cafepromoting healthy eating through serving meals made with only organic ingredients.

It’s unique because there aren’t many restaurants that are organic or cafes in the area, and has demonstrated that it’s possible to create healthy and delicious food.

While some of the food items aren’t great but overall, I’d say the food isn’t bad however it can be difficult for young people that are used to eating fried food and other more flavorful meals to appreciate the flavor.

The cafe, aside from food, has a lovely, cozy interior and lots of seating. Take a book to the cafe, take a bite of their amazing pancakes and enjoy an amazing time there!

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Real Food Singapore FAQ

Q. What is the definition of real food?

Ans. The definition of real food refers to foods that are as close to their original condition as possible. It is, in essence, unprocessed. Free of chemical additives. rich in nutrients.

Q. What happens if you don’t eat real food?

Ans. The lack of essential nutrients could cause side effects like fatigue, dizziness and fatigue, as well as gallstones, loss of hair, and heart problems. In addition, if your diet doesn’t have enough fiber intake, due to the fact that your diet isn’t full of whole grains as well as fruits and vegetables you could become constipated.

Q. What happens when you start eating real food?

Ans. A real food-based diet can result in more energy levels as well as weight reduction and more regularity (that’s the natural result when you consume more vegetables and fruits) as well as a general feeling of better physical health.

Q. Can you lose weight by eating real food?

Ans. A diet that is rich in real food can be beneficial to your health and may aid in losing weight. Real food items are healthier have fewer calories and are much more filling than many processed food items.

Q. Are we eating real food?

Ans. You read that right! We’re no longer conscious of what we put into our bodies during each meal, and the majority of it isn’t authentic food! Our bodies weren’t made to handle “food” that isn’t real food. We evolved without processed foods in our diets, but now our generation is being constantly bombarded by them.

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