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List of All BedWars Chat Commands


Roblox All BedWars Chat Commands: Custom match-ups within Roblox BedWars are a fun option to play the game since you can alter the game’s features to fit the way you and your group of friends like to play.

This will increase the enjoyment or speed of getting you fully dressed. If you’re wondering how to use the commands and what they mean, you’ll learn each one in detail by following this guide!

BedWars Commands Guide

Roblox All BedWars Chat Commands

All actions available in Roblox BedWars are done in the chat window within the game. It is opened by clicking the chat icon in the upper left corner of the screen or by pressing the “*” button on the keyboard.

It is essential to include the “or” in your command whenever you type it in, or the program will not function.

If a command is in parenthesis, it asks users to enter the specified parameter. For instance, in the case of “(player),” you’d include the player’s display name or username, for example: /tp examples_player. The X symbolizes a number; you must replace it with the number you’d like.

Credit goes to this list of commands created from Dv Plays for some guidance on the orders. Utilize CTRL + F to type the commands you’re trying to locate much more quickly!

How It Use

All commands within Roblox BedWars are entered into the game’s chat window. It can be opened by hitting the “/” key on your keyboard or clicking the chat icon in the upper right corner. If you do not include the “/” before your command, it will not work.

If a part in the below command is capitalized, it is necessary to change it to the portion of the knowledge needed to perform it.

Custom Match Commands List

  • /tp (username or display name) – Teleports the player to the username or display name that is entered.
  • TTP (target_players) (destination_player) – You can transfer players from another player to a particular player.
  • * /tpall The player is teleported to all other players.
  • /tpbed (Ex. /tpbed red) It teleports you to the bed team color that you select within the command.
  • /spawn ITEM NAME [AMOUNT* Spawns an item in a certain amount that is based on the input you provide.
  • “/announce” MESSAGE announces the message through a popup window that is displayed in the screens of participants involved in Custom Match. Custom Match.
  • “/kick Username” This command can be used to knock players off the Custom Match. It is not possible to utilize their Display Name. You must make use of their Roblox username. This is accessible by clicking on their username within the Player List.
  • /setgeneratormultiplier X – Will increase or decrease the speed of the Iron, Diamond, and Emerald generator. The first number represents the standard speed. 2 is twice as fast and you can utilize the -inf option to increase the speed.
  • blacklistItem NAME- Stops the named item from being bought from the Item Shop. After this has been done, you cannot activate it again until you launch the new Custom Game, so only use it if certain.
  • “/disablekit” KIT NAME Disables the kit named after it from being utilized for the present Custom Match. Once you’ve disabled the kit during the match, you’ll not be able to enable it again until you’ve created a brand new Custom Match.
  • “/setdeathmatchtime SECONDS Sets the duration you would like to have to play Your Custom Match before the Sudden Death Mode is activated.
  • togglespawn item TRUE/FALSEallows or blocks the spawning process of a specific thing in the game. True will cause the item to be spawned while false disables the item.
  • Lucky Airdrop The use of this command, you can create an Lucky Block Airdrop at a random location on the map currently.

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Chat Commands List

  • http://hub Returns you to Roblox’s BedWars Hub. Roblox BedWars Hub, where you can join various games, buy kits, and even start a brand new game. You’ll be transferred to a different server if you already have an account on the hub

People Also Ask Roblox All BedWars Chat Commands

What are all Roblox BedWars commands?

All Roblox Bedwars Commands Complete List
  • /kick Username: This command is used to kick a player from the match. …
  • /hub: This command will take you back to the lobby hub where you started the game.
  • /setDeathmatchTime NN: This command is used to set a countdown for the deathmatch.

How do you use commands in BedWars Roblox chat?

All commands within Roblox BedWars are done in the chat window in the game. The chat window is open via pressing the chat button on the left-hand side of the screen or by pressing the “/” key on your keyboard.

How do you get Rageblade in BedWars?

As we mentioned, getting your rage meters filled is necessary to obtain the Rageblade. To refill the anger meter, players must score kill points by eliminating opponents. It will take about 10 to 15 kills to supply your rage meters. Once it’s complete, the sword you have in your hands will transform into the Rageblade.

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