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About Roblox Base Battles


Roblox Base Battles Codes: This brief tutorial will provide you with a complete list of currently active (working) promotional codes. codes to get Base Battles developed by Beluga.

Make sure you redeem these codes as soon as you can, as they may expire at any time. If you discover a promo code that is expired you can let us know and we can add it to the list. Please remember, that codes don’t include Robux currency!

How to redeem Roblox Base Battles codes

To redeem the codes available in Roblox Base Battles, you must follow the developers of the game TheHyb_ along with @josh2242 via Twitter.

After following them, start the game and type in your Twitter handle in the empty space on the lower right of the screen this is to confirm that you’ve followed those developers via Twitter.

After verification, you are able to use the same empty box and then claim the reward. Also being a follower on Twitter will earn you skin in the game for free.

All Roblox Base Battles Promo Codes

Roblox Base Battles Codes

Active and Valid OP Codes

Utilize the promo codes below to help make your character look amazing or to purchase game-related items, clothes as well as cash!

You will be able to get a key for earning money for free when you use this code.

  • 150KLIKES – Redeem for 25k Tokens
  • DEVKING – Redeem this code to receive 3 000 tokens as a reward.
  • BETA – Redeem this code to receive a lot of tokens as a reward.

These codes are case-sensitive, so be very careful when entering them.

Expired Codes

This is an updated list of expired codes. These codes cannot be used.

  • There are no expired codes right now.

How to Redeem Base Battles OP Working Codes

Press the Twitter button (bottom right side of the screen). Input your code in the window that opens and click the Redeem button. You will receive your reward in the form of a free gift card.

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How to Play Base Battles Game

Infest vehicles and race towards the final destination. You can earn tokens by eliminating opponents. You can use tokens to purchase new vehicles, weapons planes, planes, and much many more. Join forces with your buddies to win the game!

People Also Ask Roblox Base Battles Codes

What is the secret code for base battles?

Rainster – support Rainster (new!) POCKETTACTICS – 10k tokens. 150KLIKES – 25k tokens.

What are some codes for base battles Roblox?

  • 100KLIKES—Redeem for 15K Tokens.
  • Arctic—Redeem for 4K Tokens.
  • DEVKING—Redeem for 3K Tokens.
  • BETA—Redeem for 1,090 Tokens.

Who are the developers of base battles?

This will ensure that you’re adhering to the guidelines of the developers. It will also permit you redemption of your codes using the exact textbox! What can I do to get other codes in Base Battles? To get additional codes, be sure you follow TheHyb_ and josh_2242 on Twitter as they are the game’s creators. game.

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