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Roblox Tower Battles Codes: Roblox Tower Battles CodesThis guide provides information about what to do to participate, redeeming working codes, and also other helpful details.

You can also find every valid Tower Battles (Roblox game by Planet3arth) code in one updated list. Once you have redeemed the codes, you can access numerous amazing things and items.

There are currently active codes, which will soon be added to the list. Check out what you can find free today.

Active and Valid Codes

Roblox Tower Battles Codes

For those who wants to get some exclusive towers, ingame cash, and other exclusive rewards we offer to check these codes:

  • UPDATEINAMINUTE2021: Redeem this code to receive Twitter Tower as free reward.
  • MONIESSSSSS: Redeem this code to earn 250 credits as free reward.

Expired Codes

  • UPDATEINAMINUTE2019: Redeem this code and earn the Tweeter (a single-target tower).
  • UPDATEINAMINUTE2020: Redeem this code to receive Twitter Tower as free reward.
  • RELEASE: Redeem this code to receive 1 200 cash and 250 gems as free reward.

How to Redeem Tower Battles OP Working Codes

You can enter the code directly into the bottom left-hand corner of the box (above the button to resave statistics); then press enters and verifies your reward.

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How to Play Tower Battles Roblox Game

Tower Battles is a strategic tower defense game. It would help if you defended yourself and your  zzteam from the ravaging zombies for longer than the opposing team.

You can play offensively by ways of sending zombies as well as defensively by way of setting up your custom-designed towers

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People Also Ask Roblox Tower Battles Codes

What is the code for Tweeter in Roblox tower battles?

Description. The Tweeter is an untargeted tower that can deal two damage when you reach level 1. (1.6 DPS) It is obtained by inputting the code “UPDATEINAMINUTE2022” in the text box at the bottom left of the main menu screen.

How do you get Golden Commando in Tower battles?

Golden Commando Golden Commando was formerly available only by being the first to place in the Tower Battles Community tournament. This Golden Commando has the most expensive upgrade cost for level 5 at $95,000.

How do you redeem a code on Tower battle?

To redeem codes for Tower Battles, you must go into Tower Battles’ Main Menu. You’ll notice an option to enter codes in the lower right corner when you’re there. Enter every code in our list, then pin the code box and hit Enter to include each reward code in your online account.

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