Screamin’ Sicilian Review ❤️ [New Update]

Screamin’ Sicilian Review


Screamin’ Sicilian Review: Are you ever at the freezer food aisle trying to figure out which frozen pizza to get for your week? Perhaps one is good however the crust is thin or the pepperoni toppings don’t have the right flavor and the other pizzas don’t justify the cost because the toppings aren’t plentiful.

If you’ve had the pleasure of eating a Screamin’ Sicilian pizza it will be hard to go back to frozen pizzas ever again. Each pizza is individually wrapped with a stone-fired crust and a plethora of amount of toppings.

Famous for their unique recipe sauce and ample toppings These pizzas have set the bar in frozen foods. Find out more about them in the Screamin Sicilian Review.

History and Inspiration

Screamin’ Sicilian Review

“Screamin'” Sicilian is an owned by a family and operated craft pizza business established in the year 1904 by Gaspare “Papa Palermo” Fallucca.

The founder was a Sicilian Immigrant who came to America in 1954, bringing luggage stuffed with recipes from his family and a wish to create the most extravagant pizzas.

Loud and passionate, Papa Palermo screamed the passion of his frozen pizzas which is why he chose the name – Screamin’ Sicilian – as an ode to him.

The box has a cleverly designed mustache (that you can pull out and snap a photo using in the future) as well as a mouth that has an opening so that you can look at the pizza in the box.

Types of Screamin’ Sicilian Pizzas

Its Screamin’ Sicilian company has 28 items available in a variety of stores, including Walmart, Safeway, Amazon Fresh, Randall’s, Ralph’s, Fry’s Food Stores, Instacart, Pick N Save, Smooth’s, Krogers, and Albertson’s. The flavors include classic pepperoni, cheese, and supreme pizzas.

They also get really imaginative with flavors such as Jacksonville Bratt Pepper and Onion, Bessie’s Revenge, and Mother of meat which comes with spicy Italian sausage pepperoni, julienne cut Ham and smoky bacon.

The Screamin’ Sicilian offers full-sized pizzas for three to four people, “I’m Single” pizzas that are single-serving, original crust, think crust, and even a brand new range of pizzas that are made from beer dubbed “NEW! Za’ Brewski.” Clever, isn’t it?

Screamin’ Sicilian Review

The pizzas are created by hand-rolling the individual stone-fired butter crust and then adding the recipe for the secret tomato sauce, and a plethora of quantities of toppings.

The pizzas are made with full milk mozzarella made from Wisconsin and loads of flavorful toppings, including mouthwatering Italian meatballs and premium pepperoni or hot Italian sausage pieces. I’ve never seen a frozen pizza quite like this.

The Screamin’ Sicilian pizzas can be found available at select grocery stores and other retailers. However, you can also buy pizzas on the internet.


The Screamin’ Sicilian pizzas are just as enjoyable to eat as you’d think from the package. The crust is delicious and thick and the top is just enough crispy after baking.

The sauce is described as if it simmered over the counter for hours prior to being drizzled onto the crumb. It also comes with a cheese added bonus.

Some pizza restaurants take shortcuts when it comes to cheese in order to save money, however, Screamin’ Sicilian uses real whole milk mozzarella cheese and they don’t cut corners on the quantity.

You can pick any topping you prefer and others you might not have known about however, no matter what you pick it is certain that you’ll find ample amounts. The flavor is delicious and is more like homemade pizza than frozen pizza.


“Screamin'” Sicilian pizza is packed with calories, fats, and sodium due to its thick crust and cheese. It is also a good source of calcium, supplying approximately 50% of your daily recommended dose.

It’s also a fantastic supply of Vitamin A as well as iron, which helps to build red blood cells Vitamin A is crucial for healthy mucous membranes.

While this dish isn’t quite healthier than other meals but it’s got its advantages. If you’re worried about the nutritional value of your pizza, make sure to accompany your pizza with a homemade Olive Garden salad.


The screamin’ Sicilian pizzas are definitely worth the price. They are distinct from other pizzas starting with the first glance at the package up to the last bite of delicious food.

They’re simple to make simply by placing on the grill for about 17-19 mins, and they’re made using large quantities of premium ingredients.

They’re a little greater than some frozen pizzas however, the value is worth it. The whole size is enough to feed three to four people, while its “I’m Single” personal pan pizza is great for a single portion.

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This is by far the best-frozen pizza I’ve seen and, thankfully it’s easy to find at your local grocery store. If you aren’t able to find one in your local store they can be ordered on the internet.

Some even provide free shipping. Have pizzas frozen that taste like authentic? Cheaper than delivery? The pizza is rated with two huge thumbs up.

Screamin’ Sicilian Nutrition Facts

The nutritional value of the pizza varies based on the type of pizza called Screamin’ Sicilian you select. We’ll examine the nutritional data for one portion of Holy Pepperoni Pizza.

  • Calories: 300
  • Total fat – 16 g
  • Saturated fat – 8 g
  • Cholesterol – 45 mg
  • Sodium – 890 mg
  • Carbohydrates – 24 g
  • Net carbs – 23 g
  • Sugar – 2 g
  • Fiber – 1 g

Screamin’ Sicilian Pricing

The cost is slightly higher than average when compared with other frozen pizzas. It ranges from $7.49 to $8.99 however, it’s worth it.

If you sign up for the “Scream Team” you’ll receive an offer on pizza and a coupon per month, making it worth the effort to sign up.

How do you feel about it?

What do these pizzas have in common with other frozen pizzas you’ve had? In the event that you’re already a lover of these pizzas, what toppings are your top picks? We’d love to hear about your “Screamin'” Sicilian feedback via the comment section below.

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People Also Ask Screamin’ Sicilian Review

Why is screamin Sicilian so good?

The screamin’ Sicilian pizzas are definitely worth the price. They are distinct right from the moment you open the package until the final bite of delicious food. They’re quick to prepareput them into an oven oven and bake them for between 17 and 19 minutes as well they’re made from large quantities of premium ingredients.

Who makes Screamin Sicilian pizza?

Palermo’s Pizza is a pizza maker that is frozen with its headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin that makes various brand-name products, such as Palermo’s Primo Thin, Palermo’s Neighborhood Pizzeria Screamin the Sicilian and Urban Pie Pizza Co.

How do you make Screamin Sicilian pizza?

(1) Preheat oven to 425 degrees F. (2) Place pizza that you have frozen on the center plate. (3) Bake for 17-19 minutes. (4) Enjoy & tell us.

Are Screamin Sicilian pizzas spicy?

The screaming’ Sicilian Pizza, Spicy Clucker Box This is a spicy Clucker. Individually rolled stone-fired medium crusts are the ideal setting of our ranch-style creamy sauce as well as cheese shreds. Along with chunks of chicken as well as pieces of bacon. The barnyard will play chicken and your taste buds by using jalapeno wheels to add fiery heat.

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