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Skyrim Console Commands


Skyrim Console Commands: Commands on consoles can create enemies, create items in your inventory, make you unstoppable, get a free camera, and more.

How do you start my console? Open your console with a single press “~”. (This may vary depending on the country you reside in or what keyboard you have.) Click “~” again to close your console.


Skyrim Console Commands

The most important things you need to know about console commands include:

  • The game will stop as long as the console is in use.
  • If you have left-clicked an object, the ID of the object will appear.
  • You can quickly call up the earlier commands using V.

General Commands

  • tgm – god mode (invincible, infinite arrows, infinite stamina, and Magica)
  • tcl – no collision (walk through walls and fly in the sky)
  • tfc – free camera (first person makes your character invisible ► third person and your character will be visible)
  • tfc 1 – free camera + time stop (the same thing as the and perfect for screenshots)
  • tfc – free camera
  • tm – Toggles menus and UI on and off. (Be careful with that, even the console gets invisible!)
  • coc [cell id] – This will teleport you to every location you want. (for example: “coc WhiterunDragonsreach” will teleport you to the Dragonsreach in Whiterun)
  • set timescale to [insert number here] – Speeds up or slows downtime. (16.1 is the default)
  • help [ ] 4 – Gives you information for example Item-ID or ref-ID (type for example: “help Bandit 4” many names and IDs will show up) This is pretty useful if you can’t find the item-ID for any material you want to cheat.
  • disable – This makes the selected object invisible. (typing enable makes the object visible again) Left-click for example a corpse, lying in your house for months, and writing disable.
  • resetquest [Quest ID] – Resets a quest.
  • complete quest [Quest ID] – Completes a quest.
  • tfow – reveals the entire map.
  • unlock – unlocks the selected item.
  • lock – locks the selected item.

Character Based

  • showracemenu: This opens the option to customize your character (if you’re tired of your appearance for instance). Don’t alter your gender or race with this!.
  • set race [race that you would like set race – Change your races to any race you’d like. (for example, setting your race as Nord).
  • settings fJumpHeightMin [insert the number hereSetgs fJumpHeightMin – This will make you leap higher (I suggest turning to god mode due to the damage that falls).
  • player.setav [skill] [number] – boost the skill you select (setav sneak 100 can boost your strength by 100, for instance.) It can also increase the weight you carry.
  • player. setav speed multi [insert the number here this will multiply the speed you run (100 increases by 100%, as per my knowledge).
  • player.set level [insert number] – Boosts your level.
  • PSB unlocks all spells.
  • resethealth – Heals the chosen goal.


  • player. add item [item ID] [number] – Yes you can add every item in the whole game into your inventory with this simple command.

It works like this: player. additem 0000000f 100000 – now you have 100000 Septims more.

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  • Killall – Kills anyone in the area.
  • Kill [insert ID] kills a target. (it’s more convenient to leave mouse click over the object, then hit kill)
    Resurrect [insert ID] Resurrects the creature you have selected to its original state. (it’s simpler to left mouse click over the object, then enter resurrect)
  • set scale [number between 1 and 10setscale] – This makes your target a lot larger. (again left-click your target)
  • unequip all – Unquips everything from the chosen NPC.

People Also Ask Skyrim Console Commands

How do I use console commands in Skyrim?

To be able to use Skyrim console functions, players need start the developer console. It’s as easy as pressing the Tilde () key that is located beneath the Esc key, and next to 1 on the American English keyboard.

Are there console commands for Skyrim?

Console Commands is a crucial tool for players to add cheats to games. For entering Skyrim cheats in the Commands Console on PC press (or the key just above Tab) to launch the developer console. input these codes to get the desired result. Console commands do not require a sensitive to the case.

How do I open console commands?

Typically, it can be turned off or on and is displayed in the game display. The console is usually accessible through hitting the backtick button (frequently often referred to as the key; usually found below that ESC keys) for QWERTY keyboards or two keys on AZERTY keyboards which is typically covered by default.

What are console commands?

Console Commands Console Commands tools for debugging that PC gamers can use that adds a vast array of features for the games. When playing on American English keyboards, the tilde key () can toggle the console’s screen, however for British English keyboards, that key is known as the grave ( ).

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