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SNKRX How to Win Every Game: is an arcade-style shooter rogue-lite in which you play an entire snake of heroes, each with their attack actives, passives, and classes.

Inspired by the auto-battler style, Each hero in the snake is assigned, several classes. Combining enough heroes from the same class gives bonus classes.

Heroes can be upgraded to become more effective when copies are purchased through the online shop.


SNKRX How to Win Every Game

You may be reading this article today, whether as a beginner or not, and wondering what kind of strategy can be able to win every game.

“Isn’t it determinant on luck?” Yes, this is true, but it only means you have to factor luck into your plan.

The fewer particular heroes required to be a part of a strategy, the lesser chance for luck.

So I’ll be demonstrating how to win using only four.

The Strategy

When you spot a Psyker (white), heroes purchase the figurine.

If possible, you could make the Vagrant your first place or, even better is, a Baykeeper (although it is doubtful that you’ll get this) because of their massive health pool.

Get a merchant early and save your cash instead of spending it all in one go.

You can grab a cleric at the start of the game to replenish the health of the Psykeeper after it has used up 20% of its maximum HP, which allows you to continue spawning healing orbs.

Yes, the Psyker heroes are a pity (for most of the time), and that’s precisely how they want you to believe. However, the value to the Psyker isn’t just the hero but rather the Psyker orb/s that are associated with it.

It is believed that the Psyker current set was considered to be OP at the date of writing:

  • 2-1/2 – +2/+4 orbs and +1 Orb for each psyker

This means that If you have 2 Psykers, They will have two orbitals, resulting in 4 orbitals.

If there are four Psykers, you have eight orbitals total, and these orbitals smash everything.

In terms of things are concerned, you should look for them, ranked according to importance:

  • Psychosink (psyker orbs deal +40/80/120% damage)
  • Psycholeak (position 1 generates one psyker orb every 10 seconds)
  • Orbit (+33/66/99% orb speed)
  • Psyker Orbs (+1/2/3 orbs)
  • Psychosense (+33/66/99% range of orb)

You can also fill your other slots with anything you’d like. At a minimum, you should be able to accommodate every class in one of the slots.

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Lastly, my assessment of the Psyker’s skills:

  • Psykino
  • Flagellant
  • Psykeeper (dependant on position/synergy)
  • Psychic
  • Vagrant

This is a straightforward ranking since the ones on top support towers, while those on the bottom are merely poor damage dealers.

Be aware of the orbs, however

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