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Starbucks Latest Menu Singapore


Starbucks is opening its stores in Singapore at various locations. We collected Starbucks Menu Singapore. They offer a variety of menus at different locations.

For tourism. With the assistance of us. We will go over every menu and especially coffee menus and prices in Singapore.

Below are all StarbucksMenu items Singapore Prices 2022

Cold Brew

Menu items


Cold Foam Cold Brew $6.80
Cold Brew with Coconut Milk $6.30
Espresso (single) $3.70
Cold Foam Iced Espresso $7.30
Ristretto Bianco (Hot) $7.60
Flat White $7.60
Latte Extra Shot $7.40
Vanilla Latte $7.30
Caffè Latte $6.60
Cappuccino $6.60
Caffè Mocha $7.30
White Chocolate Mocha $7.30
Caramel Macchiato $7.40
Coconut White Mocha Macchiato $8.10
Caffè Americano $5.20
Brewed Coffee (Hot) $4.40

Teavana Teas

Menu items


Matcha & Espresso Fusion $7.50
Vanilla Black Tea & Espresso Fusion $7.50
Black Tea with Ruby Grapefuit & Honey $6.10
Iced Chocolate Black Tea with Earl Grey Jelly $8.10

Others menus

Menu items


Hibiscus with Pomegranate Pearls $7.50
Iced Shaken Tea Lemonade (Hibiscus, Green, Black) $6.10
Black Tea (Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Chai) $4.50
Green & White Tea (Mint Citrus, Emperor’s Clouds & Mist, Youthberry) $4.50
Caffeine-Free Herbal Tea (Chamomile, Mint Blend) $4.50
Caramel $7.30
Espresso $7.30
Mocha / White Chocolate Mocha $7.30
Dark Mocha $7.90
Java Chip $7.90
Caramel Macchiato $7.90
Chocolate Chip $7.90
Green Tea $7.70
Hojicha Tea $7.70
Vanilla / Raspberry $7.30
Chocolate Black Tea with Earl Grey Jelly $8.70
Raspberry Black Currant $7.30
Mango Passion Fruit $7.30
Signature Hot Chocolate $7.20
Caramel Hot Chocolate $7.90

Starbucks menu Singapore Updated September 2022

Starbucks has different menus available across different countries. They regularly change their menus and include new items to them.

Here are the most recent updates on their menus for Singaporeans.

Starbucks Menu Singapore 2021

Vanilla Latte

Vanilla Latte is one of the most popular Starbucks drinks, according to customers,s and is also the healthiest beverage.

To ensure it is healthy, you can purchase Vanilla Latte Sugar-free. It’s also reasonable in Singapore.

Iced Shaken Tea

Iced Shaken Tea is also pretty popular all over the world.

Iced Shaken Tea includes some Hibiscus with Pomegranate Pearls and Iced Shaken Tea Lemonade (Hibiscus, Black, Green).

 Chai Latte

Chai latte is a black tea with cloves, cinnamon, and warming spices. It is served with whole milk. It’s finished with foam to achieve the perfect balance between hot and sweet! Official web

Lemon Bar Crème Frappuccino® Blended Crème

The drink is popular for its refreshing taste however, Starbucks has taken it one step higher by including more sugar than lemons.

It is made up of the equivalent of 55 grams of sugar made from the creme Frappuccino syrup, vanilla syrup, and caramel topping.

If you’re located in Singapore and you want to have a drink at Starbucks It’s the best option for you. You will have a great time on your trip.

Starbucks Desert

If you have the gift card the mother sent to you while you were feeling homesick to be home, you can grab an immediate, easy and affordable coffee at Starbucks.

While you’re likely to receive a lot of snark from the library, no matter the actions you take (the librarians are in awe) You’ll be able to have an enthralled stomach.

In particular, since they’ve launched the brand new (and yummy) La Boulange bakery items and this is now more evident.

Starbucks Singapore Delivery Information

Starbucks every outlet in Singapore opens at 8 am in the morning. They began to offer all the items such as cakes and bread drinks and other items that are popular in the early hours of the day.

Starbucks closes at 10 pm in the evening. The restaurant serves dinner during the night only.

They are open during the week all day, from Monday to Sunday from 8 am until 10pm.

They provide delivery to all well-known locations of Singapore by using the famous food delivery company foodpanda as well as takeaway food.

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Starbucks Singapore contact info

Starbucks can be reached at Starbucks via their physical address or via their social media pages

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

About Starbucks

Its history began in the year 1971 as an importer and roaster of whole ground and bean coffee tea, as well as spices in the Pike Place Market in Seattle.

Today, they serve millions of customers each day in 76 different countries.

Starbucks Outlets in Singapore

Starbucks 100 AM

100 Tras Street #01-05, 100 AM

Singapore 079027

Starbucks 20 Anson Road

20 Anson Road, #01-02

Singapore 077912

Starbucks [email protected]

313 Orchard Road, [email protected] #02-38/39

Singapore 238895

Starbucks 78 Shenton Way

78 Shenton Way, #01-02

Singapore 079120

Starbucks Airport Terminal 1 Transit Kiosk

Departure/Transit Lounge East, #02-59, Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore 819642

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 24 Hours

Starbucks Airport Terminal 2

Departure / Check-in Hall South, #026-049 Terminal 2, Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore 819643

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 24 Hours

Starbucks Airport Terminal 2 Transit Hall

Departure / Transit Lounge North, Level 2, Unit No. 026-095-06, Terminal 2

Singapore 819643

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 24 Hours

Starbucks Airport Terminal 3 Departure Hall

65 Airport Boulevard, #02-90, Departure Hall Level 2

Singapore 819663

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 24 Hours

Starbucks Airport Terminal 4

Departure / Check-in Hall, #02-04 Terminal 4, Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore 819665

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 24 Hours

Starbucks Airport Terminal 1 Transit

Departure / Transit Lounge East, #02-66 Terminal 1, Singapore Changi Airport

Singapore 819642

Opening Hours: Monday-Sunday 24 Hours

Starbucks Anchorpoint

370 Alexandra Road, Anchorpoint Shopping Centre, #01-05/06

Singapore 159953

Starbucks Ang Mo Kio Hub

53 Ang Mo Kio Avenue 3, #B1-65, Ang Mo Kio Hub

Singapore 569933

Starbucks Aperia Mall

12 Kallang Avenue, #01-26 Aperia

Singapore 339511

Starbucks Asia Square Tower 2

12 Marina View, #02-22, Asia Square Tower II

Singapore 018961

Starbucks AXA Tower

8 Shenton Way, #01-16 AXA Tower

Singapore 0668811

Starbucks Bedok Mall

311 New Upper Changi Road, #01-92/93 Bedok Mall

Singapore 467360

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Starbucks Menu Singapore FAQ

Does Singapore Starbucks sell pink drinks?

Simply rinse the regular Vanilla Creme Frappe, add the raspberry syrup, and poof – you’ll get an incredibly Pink drink that shows how a tiny tweak can be a total flavor game changer.

Which is the cheapest Starbucks coffee?

The most affordable coffee you could find at Starbucks will be Americano or drip. The price is based on your size of choice. Add milk, cream, and sweetener to the bar and you’re ready for your day.

Is Starbucks drinks halal Singapore?

Starbucks Singapore is not a Halal-certified business because we purchase from many sources. However, we make sure that there isn’t any alcohol, pork, or lard in the drinks or food products we offer within our shops.

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