Survive The Backrooms! How to Survive (Tips and Tricks) ❤️

Survive The Backrooms


Survive The Backrooms: The Backrooms are a frightening space. This guide will offer you the tricks and tricks you need to be the most successful survivor of the terrifying world. The guide will advise the best ways to proceed and where to go and many more!

Tips and Tricks for Survivors

Getting Started

Survive The Backrooms

Each new participant will be presented with a particular class to pick from however, only a few are more beneficial than they appear. Some classes, like serial killers, cannibals, and athletes might be helpful in certain situations however, not all. Most importantly, I prefer the Janitor.

The janitor’s class offers an increase in item spawn which is beneficial at every level. However, if you want to test a different one,

Take it on! The game will begin at level zero and will be met by the alarming hum of lights. When you begin at the beginning, enemies are not far away or haven’t yet spawned into the game yet.

The first items you’ll discover are cola and fruit as well as batteries and oil lamps, as well as gasoline for the oil lamp, flashlights, and even an ax.

Be sure to pay attention to the sounds around you and become accustomed to the surroundings around you.

Tip: if you feel something isn’t right, turn back!


You can search for objects. But you may not be aware of what they are, because certain items have a few nebulous effects and applications.

Naturally, food and beverages are intended for consumption. ensure you are able to save however you can lose. Next up is bells, there is a chance to discover a bell and whistle within a level, but it’s typically recommended to not leave them unattended and call out the enemy, such as angels and dogs.

The teddy bear can be useful in preventing children from threatening you I believe that they either let you go or adopt the teddy bear as their own and eventually become more gentle.

Weapons, you could discover an ax, a pipe, or a spiked bat, but it’s in poor condition and may break in a few attacks.

Keys can also be very helpful to open safes, doors, and chests. There are also items for healing such as bandages, and medical kits.

Light sources such as the flashlight and oil lamp aren’t required however they can be quite useful in dark spaces.


Survive The Backrooms

When running might not be an option. So you grab your ax and go into the battle. However, is it the best decision? If you are fighting ensure that you have medical supplies on hand, to ensure that during a fight you will be able to heal and gain an advantage otherwise, you could meet an untimely death.

Also, try not to engage in fights, particularly with minotaurs. Keep your eyes on the ball! If you win a fight, it will earn you the title “Demon killer”.

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Statistics show the player what’s happening Your health, hunger and thirst could be located in the bottom left corner of the screen. your stamina is in the middle of the bottom and your mental health is in the right-hand corner.


There are a variety of levels within the back rooms. Start at level zero, featuring mono-colored walls pipe, hedge, and level fun) greek mythology and circus, dungeon underground, and water levels. Every level comes with its insanity enemies and special features.

The ladders can take you up the level, while trap doors can bring you down, and trap doors are useful if you need to in an emergency. Beware that going back down there is no ladder so be prepared to locate one when you return down.

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Can you survive The Backrooms?

Are you able to survive the backrooms? Inspired by the hugely famous Backrooms mysteries, make your way through a variety of backrooms in an effort to escape the nightmare you’ve found yourself trapped in. Join forces with your other friends, write messages and notes to aid them in their escape, or help them get on the right track.

Is The Backrooms an actual game?

The Backrooms Game Free Edition is an Adventure game created by Pie On A Plate Productions that is playable on Windows and Linux. In April 2022, The Backrooms Game Free Edition ranked 2764 on the streaming platform Twitch Based on 5 thousand hours of watching.

Why do you have to check your watch in The Backrooms?

The watch worn by the player is an important tool for information and is the primary way to keep alive. It displays the time of the game and the distance one has traveled in The Backrooms. Each 30 seconds, players are able to “Remind themselves of who they really are as well as where they came from”.

What are The Backrooms theory?

“The Backrooms The Backrooms is an urban legend and creepypasta telling the story of an endless maze of randomly created offices. It is distinguished in the smell of carpet that has been wet and walls that are an unichromatic yellow tone and fluorescent lighting that is buzzing.

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