Taco Bell’s Gordita Crunch: Is It Worth Your Money?

Taco Bell’s Gordita Crunch


Taco Bell’s Gordita Crunch: Taco Bell isn’t exactly known for its authentic Mexican food. They’re known for fast, cheap, Mexican-inspired(ish) gimmicks. The gordita is a great illustration of a gimmick that was first introduced.

Genuine gorditas have little to no resemblance to the Taco Bell version – they’re thicker and much more like a corncake pita, where the filling is actually stuffed inside the pocket. However, the gordita crunch of Taco Bell is basically a taco that’s wrapped in flatbread.

It’s kind of a pity, isn’t it?

There’s nothing particularly appealing about it, and truthfully that’s the reason why I’ve not considered trying it.

However, today I’m embarking on this journey of testing tacos on your behalf. However, I receive an ice cream cone out of it and I think I’ve got that going for me. (Technically “gordita”, but I’m not going to cut hairs over it.)

Inside the inside, you’ll find your usual beef lettuce, cheese, and this mayonnaise-like sauce packed into a crispy taco shell.

It is claimed that the sauce is a ranch-style sauce, but I’m not sure. Then there is a flatbread that has been bonded onto the shell using cheese. I’ve tried the steak, chicken, and beef. It was my favorite with the beef, and I would recommend sticking with the gordita just as it is.

History Of Taco Bell’s Gordita

The first gordita smash hit Taco Bell, as best we know, was in 1998. This makes it a standard in the restaurant for more than twenty years.

Since then, it’s been spun off into various variations, including the bacon gordita, Baja gordita, the cheese gordita, and the double cheese gordita, and a myriad of other variations.

However, in the early days of gorditas, they didn’t include the hard outer shell stuck on by cheese and had a flatbread that was used for the exterior.

It appears that they would later fry this version, and dub it a chalupa. It is more in line with its Mexican origins than its gordita.

Alongside the inclusion to the shell that is hard some other changes are being added. The most notable is the elimination of toppings such as beans, tomatoes, and corn.

It kind of freaks me out because the classics of the 90’s look is more appealing. Also, it’s not a great way to end the day.

Gordita Inspiration

Taco Bell’s Gordita Crunch


Taco Bell’s Gordita Crunch

Taco Bell’s 

This is a classic menu item at Taco Bell, and we aren’t able to pinpoint exactly what the source of inspiration was.

One of the most rational explanations, for my mind, would be the whimsical character of Taco Bell mashed up with authentic Mexican food.

The classic commercials (in the times of the chihuahua and the chihuahua, if you believe it) appear to back this notion.

Another theory takes a slightly opposite direction. In 1993, Chipotle began opening its doors, and Qdoba began to open as the very first restaurant in 1995.

While neither gained any notable traction until the latter half of the 1990s and the beginning of the 2000s, there was a war on tacos within the fast-food market.

Taco Bell, attempting to maintain its status, began making some strange creations at the time. When I say “off-the-wall”, I’m talking about BLT tacos and seafood salads as well as sloppy Joes.

While I’m not entirely convinced that the introduction of Chipotle and Qdoba in the ’90s prompted Taco Bell to make a BLT taco but I’m not sure that I can claim that it did no to have to do with the development of gordita.

If this theory is correct, Taco Bell likely launched the gordita to produce something authentic as Chipotle along with Qdoba is more authentic.

Types Of Gorditas

There’s the standard gordita (which isn’t a taco with a hard shell) and the various variations of this. You can also get double cheese gorditas, which – as you’ve already guessed, has double the cheese, however in a twist of a surprise it comes with more beef.

Also, you can get the supreme version, which is served with sour cream. Also, you can purchase the double cheese supreme gordita offering all the benefits of both.

There’s also the gordita crunch and all of its spin-off children that are almost identical to the ones above, but with the hard shell taco sandwiched between them.

We’re talking double-cheesy gordita supreme, gordita’s crunch, and the double gordita cheesy crunch supreme (because it’s catchy.) But, even still…

There is another theory that goes in a slightly different direction. In 1993 Chipotle started opening its doors and Qdoba opened for the first time in 1995.

Though neither of them reached any significant traction until the late ’90s and early 2000s, this started a taco war in the fast-food sector.

Taco Bell, attempting to keep their standing, started launching some odd creations around that time. When I say odd, I’m talking BLT tacos, seafood salads, and sloppy Joes.Official site

Though I don’t fully agree that the launching of Chipotle and Qdoba in the 90’s spurred Taco Bell to make a BLT taco, I can’t say it had nothing to do with the birth of the gordita.

If this theory is accurate, Taco Bell likely launched the gordita to create something authentic-ish since Chipotle and Qdoba are slightly more authentic.

Types Of Gorditas

There’s the normal gordita (which comes sans hard shell taco), and all the variations of that. You can get a double cheesy gordita, which – as I’m sure you’ve guessed – comes with twice the cheese, but in a surprising twist, it also comes with more beef.

You can also get a supreme gordita, which comes with sour cream. Or you can get a double cheesy supreme gordita, which gives the best of both worlds.

Then there’s the gordita crunch and all its spin-off children, which are basically the same as above, just with a hard shell taco sandwiched in there.

So we’re talkin’ double cheesy gordita crunch, gordita crunch supreme, and the double cheesy gordita crunch supreme (because that’s catchy.) But, even still…

Final Verdict

There was nothing noteworthy about Taco Bell’s gorditas, one in any way or another. To me, they ended up in the middle of boring.

If they weren’t the cause of my most loved pants, I’d likely be able to forget about them after the course of a week.

Yes, my pants were a play a role in this score even though I tried to forget about it. my mind, I can’t let them down for it.

If you’re looking for something inexpensive The $5 Fill-Up boxes that come with these guys is very filling and offer a good value, but if seeking something nutritious and delicious, inexpensive and filling, or a good value that’s not likely to ruin your favorite pants, these aren’t the ones for you.

What do you think about the gorditas? Do you have a secret recipe that you think makes them worthwhile? We’d like to hear it and you can share it with us by leaving a comment!

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Taco Bell’s Gordita Crunch FAQs

Q.1. Does Taco Bell still have the gordita crunch?

The taco’s shell are spiced beef, seasoned beef, spicy ranch sauce and cheddar cheese, lettuce and, to add a little spice Taco Bell’s trademark three-cheese mix. While Taco Bell has brought back the Doritos Cheesy Gordita Crunch it’s unlikely to stay on the menu for long..

Q.2. Does Taco Bell still have the cheesy gordita crunch 2021?

The most popular flavor is the Nacho Cheese Doritos Locos Taco shell, with a soft slice that is wrapped with flatbread. … It’s true that the Cheesy Doritos crunch will not remain available forever however, even after it’s gone customers can still visit the neighborhood Taco Bell and customize an order to make old-fashioned favorites.

Q.3. Did Taco Bell discontinue the gordita?

A Doritos Cheesesy Gordita crunch will not remain on the menu for long however, even after it’s gone, consumers can go to the nearest Taco Bell and customize an order to recreate the old-fashioned flavors.

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