How To Tell If Your Coffee Is Good

How To Tell If Your Coffee Is Good


Tell If Your Coffee: Frequent cafe-goers will tell you that how satisfied they are with their experience at a cafe directly correlates to how satisfied they are with the food. We are becoming more accustomed to the fact that coffee is an integral part of any cafe.

What makes a great cup of coffee? Sometimes, it’s as simple as feeling “shiok” after drinking a cup of coffee. But for those still trying to figure out their preferences, here is a guide that will help you determine if your coffee tastes good.

We’re getting rid of all the jargon and slang so that average coffee drinkers like you and me can now fully appreciate coffee!


You should smell the coffee as soon as you get it. You should notice a pleasant, light aroma that brings a smile to your face.


It should not be too hot that it scorches, but not too cold that you can drink it all in one sitting. The coffee should be warm enough to drink immediately, but not too hot to keep it warm for more than 30 minutes. This is what a skilled barista can do.

How To Tell If Your Coffee Is Good


A simple way to understand the body – Does your coffee taste like water? It probably hasn’t got enough body if it tastes like water.

A perfect cup of coffee should be light and fluffy, with good viscosity. It should also feel velvety on the tongue. You won’t be able to taste the coffee on your tongue if it’s not what you expected.


Let’s now talk about the actual taste of the coffee. This is more difficult and your personal taste will determine the final verdict. 

It is easy to determine if the coffee you drink is good by examining its sweetness, roastiness, and smoothness.

The coffee should not be bitter, too sweet, or too dry that it makes you feel like you’re drinking sawdust. 

Your taste buds are smarter than your brain and can tell you whether the coffee tastes good as soon as it touches your tongue.


Do you feel a bitter-sour taste in your throat or tongue after you swallow? It’s likely that you had a poor roast. You might notice a mild aftertaste. This is the exact amount that you want to keep coming back for more.

Latte art

After you’ve checked all five, the final thing that will make your cup perfect is beautiful latte art.

There are many talented baristas in the area and you can almost count on receiving a beautiful pulled Tulip, Heart, or Swan every time you order a coffee.

Find the right Blend For Yourself!

We all have individual preferences for coffee and we have to try a few types to know what suits us best! The most common selections in a cafe are Cafe Latte, Cafe Mocha, Americano, Cappucino, and Flat White. Click here

Know how much milk, water, and espresso you prefer in the mix, and stick to your favorite to avoid disappointments!

Personally, I really like Cafe Latte and I always add raw sugar for an added sweetness. What about you?

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Tell If Your Coffee Is Good FAQ

Q. How do you know if your coffee is good?

Ans. A well-roasted coffee has a great taste, smooth taste, and doesn’t burn, stick or appear as ashy. Aroma: The scent of a cup of coffee can either be the difference between a good or bad coffee. A good cup of coffee will always have a pleasant aroma and be appealing. If the coffee is not good, it could be odorless or possess an unpleasant burnt smell.

Q. How do you know if your coffee is bad?

Ans. If it smells or looks somewhat “off” ( rancid or moldy or mildewy) Throw it away. If it’s just a flat smell the flavor will be plain, because the smell of coffee is an essential aspect of its taste profile.1 August 2020

Q. What are the 5 elements of tasting coffee?

Ans. Our teams look at five distinct taste categories we consider to be the most useful in distinguishing the coffee of one cup from the next: sweetness, body acidity, flavors, and the final.

Q. What is bad coffee?

Ans. “Bad” coffee tends to be produced when the beans are very acidic and will make the coffee taste bitter. It is more likely to be evident in darker roasts. It’s entirely up to your personal taste even though it’s generally viewed as a negative it is possible to like a strong acidity coffee.

Q. Does unopened coffee go bad?

Ans. In general vacuum-packed bags of entire coffee beans are expected to have a shelf-life of about six months. … Thus even in a vacuum-sealed package, you can anticipate the grounds of coffee to last more than 3 months beyond the shelf-life. Therefore, even unopened coffee grounds are destined to expire.

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