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How to Spawn the Empress of Light in Pre-Hardmode


Terraria How to Spawn the Empress of Light in Pre-Hardmode: Have you ever thought of putting your Terraria abilities to the test by beating an Hardmode boss without killing the WoF? Now you can do it by using this glitch! This glitch allows users to invoke Empress of Light before they enter hard mode.

Guide to Spawn the Empress of Light

Terraria How to Spawn the Empress of Light in Pre-Hardmode

Pre World-Gen

We must first create your character. This is much easier in 1.4 because of template character templates that you can copy and paste! Create a Journey Mode character. Nothing unique here.

In contrast to previous versions, we can not alter the world gen by using characters. Luckily, this isn’t necessary because one of the seeds added to 1.4!

If you are creating your world, be sure you set your Seed in the form of “12112011” (This Seed is an indication of the date of release of 1.1 that introduced Hallow). Hallow).

The size of the world doesn’t matter; however, if you’re looking to make some extra miles in, you could choose to build a vast world.

One thing to note is that you should NOT upload these to the cloud, as it could corrupt data.

Note for

The latest version has broken the seed and prevented it from being created. Hallow from being generated on the world generation, which means you’ll need to make it manually (using Hallowed Seeds from random chest loot)

Start —> Skeletron

When you load the world, you will have the Hallow (no longer is this the scenario when you are in

Notice: If this wasn’t fixed in 1.4.1 it is possible to take Holy Water from a random underground chest.

Start as you would any other game, but be sure not to get your staff lost (or research it). …).


I have never said that this would be easy… just for a second, it’s Journey Mode.

Give yourself God Mode, Set the level of difficulty you want to master, and reap the rewards!

If you continue to grind like this, you’ll beat the WoF and not even know it!

Glitched Hallow (Not Clickbait)

Now that you’ve got a lot of gear, without having to do anything, it’s the time to discuss your Hallow the world created (or that you created using Holy Water).

The game typically only produces Prismatic Lacewings following Planterra was defeat. Since this is the norm in Terraria, this will stay that way.

But why should we wait for it to appear instead of having it from our inventory?

I Guess Why Not

Since this game was created with 10-year-old software, you’re bound to anticipate some broken things. While I’m not a genius, I’m just a person who has plenty of time to try out obscure stuff; however, 661 and 661 can be identical, right?


They’re different. 661 is a Prismatic Lacewing, whereas 661 is a Pearlwood Bow.

What do you think if I said it could make them identical?

When you drop an object, it preserves internal identification. In this case, the Pearlwood Bow has the same internal ID as the Prismatic Lacewing.

In theory, it is possible that by dropping the Pearlwood Bow and then forcing it to forget its current characteristics, we could invoke the Prismatic Lacewing!

The easiest way to accomplish this is to drop the item from Space all up to Hell without hitching or utilizing Hoik. Hoik glitch to get it at least 300 blocks from the nearest point.

I don’t know how this is happening. However, I’m not going to ask questions about the mechanism. My best (uneducated) theory is that by dragging the screen off, it tries to stop loading it; however, the game continues to load it, and then the game will say, “I guess why not,” and crashes out.

If we aim to create The Empress of Light, The Hoik glitch is the only choice. I would suggest that you find your Bound Goblin after you’ve killed the Goblin Army (which is sure to doubt be much easier than creating this guide), and then you can buy a ruler.

Utilizing the ruler and some disposable blocks, construct a 300-block long hoik conveyor that will lead to your hallow.

I recommend making an additional one for your personal use to ensure you arrive in time before it disappears. However, If you’re looking to free it, one will suffice.

The only thing left to do is to hit it.

Backup Plan

If the steps above failed, don’t panic; I’ve got an alternative.

The first step is to load an older version of Terraria. This can be accomplished by simply using Tmodloader If you’re like me.

Create a brand new medium core player with “item:4961;1:21”.

I’m not sure what the reason is. It has to do with how it stores the IDs; however, I could be off if I recall correctly. (You can see how skilled in coding)

If you decide to do that, you will create a new world, connect it, go away, and while it is saving, you press alt-f4.

The file will be damaged (Something I am very acquainted with).

Move the corrupted file into the 1.4 files (you can locate this in My Games in your Documents. Do not move the backup as it could result in further corruption).

Start the game, and choose the character that has no name.

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Character Doesn’t Load

If your character isn’t loading, you can include it in the cloud. Then, create an entirely new character and upload it to the cloud.

After you’ve done this, try loading the surface once more. If it fails to load, then continue, and if it does load, it’s because you’ve messed up and will need to try again from the previous step.

Install the brand new Cloud Character and join your 12112011 world.

After the world loads, you can exit the world by pressing alt F4 without saving.

The Light

Then you must start TEdit 1.4 and then spawn in the chest with 99 Prismatic Lacewings.

Unfortunately, the Empress Light gets angry when it is attempted to be created in pre-hard mode and then becomes an Empress for Fight or Flight.

It is a shame that she can’t be defeated by a fight, and instead, she will cause you to fall into an unconscious state in which you’ll fantasize about fighting her. If you prevail, you will get up, but her true master forever curses you if you fail menuprecios.info/.

People Also Ask How to Spawn the Empress of Light in Pre-Hardmode

Why can’t I spawn the Empress of light?

Empress Of Light is an optional boss that could be accidentally set off, and the Empress Of Light can only be summoned once that sixth Hardmode boss, the Golem, is defeated. Due to this, you’ll be at the game’s close, and it’s time to turn the fight.

How do you spawn the Empress of light during the day?

To achieve the trick, squish the Prismatic Lacewing between 4:45 AM and 4:30 AM the morning. Then, wait until dawn to confront The Empress. In the afternoon, her attacks are far more potent and kill you in one blow forceful.

Which summon is best for Empress of light?

Xeno Staff‘s Accuracy and high DPS are the ideal choices in the fight against Empress of Light.

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