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The Legend of Zelda


The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening’s item trade sequence is a bartering adventure that spans the entire island that involves trading strange trinkets with amazing characters across Koholint Island in order to gain a few last benefits – such as the Magnifying Glass that lets you see things that are invisible and the Boomerang!

The quest is actually woven into the development of the main storyline, so it’s not something you should miss. it.

All Trading Sequences in The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening

1 – Yoshi Doll

The trading sequence starts with the Mabe Village’s Trendy Game in the southeast. Go inside and you’ll be greeted by a strange-looking doll taken from the Super Mario franchise.

Pay the ten-rupee cost and use the claw that is above Yoshi’s Yoshi doll to take the item. You can leave the shop and a little boy will give you an idea regarding how to get the prize.

2 – Ribbon

The Legend of Zelda

Visit the large house at the top of Mabe Village. Papal and Manisha reside in this adorable home that is full of kids and clearly requires something to keep them entertained So, so give Mamasha Yoshi, the Yoshi doll. She’ll be thankful by gifting you the gift of a ribbon.

If you’re an avid Nintendo enthusiast, trading the toy that is based on a well-known and loved character for something that’s a little more basic may seem like a massive loss However, we’re only starting this crazy trading sequence, so keep going.

3 – Dog Food

Go to Madam MeowMeow’s house. It is located in the middle of town and has the music of the Chain Chomp on the front. Go through the door to the right, and hand over that ribbon CiaoCiao who is the adorable tiny chain chomp lying on the floor.

CiaoCiao is clearly fascinated by fashion. She is thrilled that she has new ribbon wear that she’ll even give her food… it’s a canned dog’s food.

4 – Bananas

Take the dog’s food to a crocodile who talks Sale that lives in a home along the beach at Toronto Shores, east of the place you first discovered your sword.

Sale is a resident of a home filled with bananas, so he’ll be so excited about eating the food (even pet meals) that he’ll eat the whole can in front of you as an unimaginable monster. In return, he’ll gift you bananas.

5 – Stick

The Legend of Zelda

You’ll require to obtain the Power Bracelet from the second cave, Bottle Grotto before you can access the item next.

Go to the east of Mabe Village, through Ukuku Prairie until you arrive at the right-hand side of Kanalet Caste. The bridge is collapsed and protected by an animal.

Bring him bananas and he’ll invite several of his friends to construct the bridge (allowing you to gain access to the castle for the main quest prior to entering an upcoming third level of the dungeon) and will leave a single stick behind.

6 – Honeycomb

Go to the middle to the center of Ukuku Prairie and you’ll see Tarin Marin’s dad, and a local Super Mario cosplayer – trying to pull a honeycomb from the tree.

He’ll poke at the honeycomb using your stick and be chased away by angry bees and leave the sweet, sticky treasure to be found.

7 – Pineapple

You’ll need Pegasus boots from the 3rd dungeon Key Cavern, to get to this point.

Take the honeycomb and go towards The Animal Village in the southeast corner of the entire map.

In the lower right corner part of the Animal Village, a hungry bear dressed as a chef is trying to prepare some dishes in a home but is lacking the essential ingredient.

Honey is the most popular ingredient among bears. give him the honeycomb and he’ll offer you pineapple is, just like the bananas previously you’d think would be much simpler to get on an island with a tropical climate.

You must open this Warp Zone here just below the bear’s home!

8 – Hibiscus

You can take the pineapple up until Tal Tal Heights in the extreme north of the map, to just to the left of the gigantic egg. You’ll travel this route before you reach Angler’s Tunnel, the fourth Dungeon.

It’s time to meet Papahl who is the father of four, who lives in town but is currently lost at the summit of the hill. Serve him the pineapple to provide him with the energy needed to return home, and he’ll present you with the hibiscus flower.

9 – Letter

After you’ve finished the fourth dungeon, Angler’s tunnel after which you’ll reach a cave to the left of the entryway, and learn Mamdo’s Mambo to play the Ocarina you discovered inside the Dream Shrine (you have done it before, don’t you think? ).

This song can allow you to speed up your travel time – something you’ll require for the remainder of the sequence! Make use of the song to travel into Animal Village.

In the last house to the right, you’ll meet a lady goat known as Christine who says it’s disrespectful to talk to her unless you offer her a present.

Bring her the hibiscus and she’ll hand you a letter to mail to the man. Write outside of the Mysterious Woods.

10 – Broom

Take a stroll to the left-hand corner in the Mysterious Woods, right beneath the mountains. You’ll find a small home protected by a few potholes.

There’s Mr. Write, a simple, modest man who enjoys receiving letters. Send him a note to Christine and he’ll then open it to reveal a picture of… Princess Peach? Did this guy get cat-fished by goats?

Don’t be concerned about the relationships of other people (even when they’re based upon deceit) therefore, take the broom that he’ll give you and go back towards Animal Village. Animal Village.

11 – Fishing Hook

You’ll find Grandma Ulrira looking about Mabe Village in front of her home (or at Animal Village – she can appear in both!) In desperate need of an updated broom.

Give her the broom, and she’ll be delighted and will give you a fishing hook she found while she was sweeping close to the river.

Yes, she is deciding to dedicate her life to sweeping across the entire island. This is admirable, yet completely insane. We’ll move on but you’ll need slippers in the fourth dungeon before you are able to.

12 – Mermaid’s Necklace

In the western part of Animal Village, you’ll see stairs that lead to the pool. You can swim under the bridge towards the South. The link will be seen swimming by an angler who is trying in his quest to capture fish.

Take a boat ride and hand him the fishing hook, and you’ll see him immediately get to work, and catch a mermaid’s pendant for you. The necklace is yours to take and then swim to the left.

13 – Mermaid’s Scale

If you’re still submerged from the bridge, go a little north, and then towards the west, and you’ll find a mermaid swimming in the waters. Chat with her, hand her the necklace she’s lacking, she’ll offer you a scale of her tail. She’s likely to develop back in the future as otherwise, it would be a strange exchange.

14 – Magnifying Lens

You’ll require to obtain the Hookshot of the fifth Dungeon in order to proceed. Go toward the walls on the left and go back to the spot where you’ve fallen off the bridge onto the ground. Take a Hookshot across the small gap that is just to the south of the bridge. climb up a little.

There is a statue of a mermaid that looks out at the bay. The statue is the creation of Donavitch School artist, an alligator living in the Animal Village who was missing the perfect finishing touch, namely a mermaid scale. After inserting the scale this statue can move, and an opening in the cave.

Go in immediately and go up to the top of the chest. You will be able to locate the magnifying lens. an item that lets you view a number of things that are not visible in the game, as well as acquire a new weapon and a few objects – such as the Secret Seashell from a previously inaccessible Zora who lives in a house located in The Animal Village, so don’t be averse to visiting Zora.

However, the most important thing is that the Magnifying Lens will allow you to gain access to the final boss, which is a must in order to finish the story.

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15 – Boomerang, Book

Once you’ve got your magnifying lens, move towards Martha Bay, and head to the west. On the beach, at Toronto Shores, you’ll see a wall that has a crack through it. The wall is a target for bombs and you’ll be able to enter to see a once-invisible Moblin.

The person will offer the boomerang However, there’s a caveat! You’ll need to exchange one of your most prized items to get it!

Don’t give him the shovel because it’s not the most important part of your mission at the moment; however you can buy it back by paying him 300 rupees.

The Boomerang is among the most valuable items to have in-game. It allows you to hit the switches of dungeons from afar as well as stun your enemies and even harm stronger enemies.

Then, head through Mabe Village and head inside the library, which is small. Go to the darker-colored book at the bottom right.

Once you’ve got the lens and the book, you’ll be able to take a look. This book provides detailed directions for how to navigate through the maze underneath the huge egg that is the final boss fight. Screenshot (or take an outline) of this unique set of instructions that are always a random series of arrows.

Use it when you get inside the huge egg located high up on the Island. Be aware that each time you begin an entirely brand new game in Link’s Awakening this set of directions is different and you shouldn’t be expecting to reuse your notes for your next adventure!

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