Famous Daves Specials Menu ❤️ [New Update] 2022

famous daves specials Menu


famous daves specials Menu: Get your taste buds going and taste buds, all of our delicious appetizers will surely stimulate your appetite for a more delicious barbeque.

Dave’s Sampler Platter Appetizer

famous daves specials Menu

 [Price: $18.99 | 2250-3200 Calories]

 Southside Rib Tips, Chicken Strips, Sweetwater Catfish Fingers, Onion Strings, and Fried Pickles.

Southside Rib Tips Appetizer

famous daves specials Menu

 [Price: $9.99 |1450 Calories]

 One pound Memphis style dry-rubbed tips served with the jalapeno pickled red onions Hell-Fire Pickles, as well as the Southside BBQ Sauce.

Cheese Curds Appetizer

famous daves specials Menu

 [Price: $8.99 | 1260 Calories]

 Serve alongside Dave’s Ranch & Sassy Sauce.

Traditional Wings Appetizer

famous daves specials Menu

 [Price: $13.99 |1020-1050 Calories]

 Dave’s wings are specially-seasoned and served with the sauce of your preference: Rich & Sassy(r), Buffalo, or the Devil’s Spit(r) sauce.

Sweetwater Catfish Fingers Appetizer

famous daves specials Menu

 [Price: $8.79 | 760 Calories]

 The tender strips are lightly breaded with Cajun-seasoned cornmeal. They are then flash-fried. served with Remoulade sauce.

Burnt Ends Appetizer

famous daves specials Menu

 [Price: $11.99 | 920 Calories]

 A Pitmaster’s secrets. The tender pieces of Beef from Texas Brisket Seared and sweetened using Sweet & Zesty(r) BBQ Sauce. It is served with jalapeno-pickled red Onions and spicy Hellfire Pickles.

 Official website: https://togo.famousdaves.com/

BBQ Nachos Appetizer

famous daves specials Menu

 [Price: $10.99 | 1290-1410 Calories]

 Shredded cheddar cheese Wilbur Beans famous chili, jalapenos Rich and Sassy(r) and a choice among Texas Beef Brisket, Georgia Chopped Pork or Barbeque Pulled Chicken Click here.

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People Also Ask famous daves specials Menu

Does Famous Dave’s still have catfish fingers?

The guests are raving about The popular Catfish Fingers, tender strips of catfish that are lightly breaded, then dipped in Cajun-seasoned cornmeal before being flash-fried. Even after two years since the restaurant had ceased its menus Famous Dave’s guests demand that catfish be served almost eight times more often than any other dish.

Do Famous Daves rewards expire? The Reward is in effect for 365 days. When you have earned a Reward it is possible to begin accumulating Bones to earn another reward. Rewards cannot be used in conjunction with any other coupon or offer.

What is the banked rewards at Famous Dave’s?

Get “Bones” on every purchase to receive discounts on subsequent visits. Every $1 Spent = 1 Bone Earned. 100 Bones = $10 Reward. Receive a free burger sandwich (purchase is required) to sign up!

Does Famous Dave’s have burnt ends?

The famous Dave’s was the very first barbecue brand made from craft that has brought Burnt Ends to an international stage and it’s releasing its latest infographic, it’s the brand is opening up BBQ lovers everywhere know the secrets to their distinctive smokey flavor. It’s an eye-pleasing feast and for the palate.

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